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  1. 23 hours ago, Trouttramp said:

    I received a great bunch of soft hackles in the mail today. ALL well tied, nice patterns! I really need to up my tying ability to keep up with all the talent on this board.

    One in particular, J Knowles’s  “ Lite Brite Soft Hackle “ caught my eye. Is it too much to ask for a recipe? I would like to tie up some of those. 



    Sharing here for everyone:

    Thank you for the complement! I designed that fly about 16 years ago. I'm a big Sylvester Nemes fan and love the book North Country Flies by Robert L. Smith. (That book is expensive, but worth it) 

    I wanted something that I could use on the end of a multi-fly rig to flop around and it fit the bill. I showed it to a friend of mine (author, artist & fly designer) and he said it was great! He asked what colors worked the best and I had only used light olive at that time, but every color I've tied it in since has worked... even white! I almost always have one on as my dropper fly. 

    Lite-Brite soft hackle:

    I use the following, tied in this order:

    Hook: 1x long, 1x strong nymph (Dai-Riki 060) 16-12

    Thread: Dealers choice, I prefer UTC in 70... every color I have used has caught fish, but chartreuse is always a winner

    Rib: Medium copper wire

    Body: Pearl mylar over thread body with slight overlap

    Thorax: Peacock herl

    Legs/soft hackle: Anything from Hungarian partridge to speckled brahma hen

    Compact head!



  2. On 11/17/2021 at 11:54 PM, Steeldrifter said:

    You're gonna go through a bunch of filament J-Kno, I think I burned through about 3 spools my first month with a printer lol

    I made a couple of them and mod'd the most promising. I was looking for one that fit the Sig 365 as I have an 80 y/o friend that couldn't get the last round in by hand. Just so happens it fits the CZ75s perfectly too! The 3DP has been on my desk for a year and a half.. . I've slowed down a bit but have made a ton of tool racks, power supply covers, ar stands and other things for RC car racing. Thingiverse and TinkerCAD have been fun!

  3. One thing working with youth and women, not the "Tactical Timmys" (iM a MaN aNd AlReAdY kNoW hOw To ShOoT) I encourage a lot of dry fire with a nickel or two on the slide through the trigger "press"... I use the word 'press" not "squeeze" to help avert the milking... Squeeze inevitably leads to the whole hand/grip movement.


  4. 13 minutes ago, Sandan said:

    Really? I don't know anything about the internal politics at the shop, but the guys told me he had retired. He did a great job with the tying section and was always really free with advice, help and answering any questions. I always had plenty of them.  Are you a Coloradan?

    Greg is great! If you want to learn to tie consistent flies, Greg is your guy... counting every wrap!

  5. @TroutFodder Great pics!

    Nope, it is silly easy... It is thicker lead or lead free wire that is squished flat, tie in the vein, add a little dubbing, wrap dubbing between the lead, bring the vein over and add a couple of coats of UV resin... Or just watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdREMMGXVKY

    I was a fan of the "roll-over scud" but this is my primary scud now. I love woven flies too. I'll see if I can't find some of my old flies..


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