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  1. I'm in, if there's room.... will need to look at some wet flies... thinking something with peacock...
  2. Sorry, but I'll put you on the standby list if someone drops out. No worries, thanks.
  3. J-Kno


    Welcome! So much info, not enough hours in the day to catch up and read it all.
  4. Welcome! I'd love a chance to get out that way.
  5. J-Kno

    Hi all.

    Welcome! Is it mostly private fishing or is there a fair amount of public access?
  6. Wealth of info here.... Welcome!
  7. For Nevada, Pyramid Lake has some BIG Lahonton Cuts. Your current set up would be good there. Get your permit from the res and bring a 6' ladder. Put on your waders and walk out until the water is almost to your chest, set up the ladder, climb up and cast out from there! The Truckee, East Walker and such are 4 Wt or less mostly. Kingston and Hinkson Slough are the same.
  8. We have family out in or near West Jefferson, Asheville and Statesville. The plan is to visit next fall. I wasn't looking forward to the trip until now....I will have to bring a rod with me...
  9. It was a rainbow that took a renegade I tied... 1978, Asusa canyon, CA.
  10. This is almost reason enough alone to move to Boise.
  11. So I twisted up some bugs last night for the CFR swap. I went to make some toe tags and the last time I tied was for a swap a while ago. I used the same file to make toe tags... it was last updated in march, 2009! It felt good to get back at the bench again. I didn't know how much I missed it until last night. This should be a productive winter.
  12. Welcome to the forum! Everyone started somewhere, I tie because I am cheap. I am not an artist, just an imitator. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
  13. Hey Blane, thanks for letting me in so late. I have these ready to go. I hope they pass muster as it has been a few years since I have tied. They are going out in tomorrows mail priority, just need to know if they require toe tags or not.
  14. FWIW: I measured my Uni large, Danville fine, UTC small & xsmall and some generic small in both inches and mm. Here are the results: Uni large: 0.011", 0.28mm roughly 29 AWG Gen sm: 0.006", 0.15mm roughly 35 AWG UTC sm: 0.006", 0.15mm roughly 35 AWG UTC xs: 0.004", 0.11mm roughly 37 AWG Dan fine: 0.004", 0.11mm roughly 37 AWG Smallest I have seen in craft stores so far is 28 AWG, so it would be the next AWG size larger than the Uni. Stranded wire is listed by its total size then by the individual strand and how many of them. For example: 22 AWG 7/30. Total wire size is 22 AWG, but is built up with 7 strands of 30 AWG wire... make sense?
  15. @ Blane, Thanks for the welcome. The Secret Santa Swap is one that I'd like to be a part of, but I am not going to have a bunch of useless "thread bumps" or "post whore" to do it. I can play by most rules. I'll prove myself and will hit it hard next year. It gives me some time to work on some techniques and get my feet wet with some other swaps as well. -Judson
  16. Anyone know how to remove spit coffee from a keyboard???
  17. Flycasta, Welcome! This place is amazing, I have learned a ton in just the past few weeks. It is disheartening to hear of the plights down there. It is a global epidemic. The industrial farming and food industries have insurgents at all levels of government here in the US. Just about every "watchdog" and alphabet soup agency has 'former' employees or lobbyists at the top tiers. Couple that with 'food disparity' laws and mum's the word...
  18. Thanks atx! Ft. C is a great little town, even with the college! lol. Hit me up if you make it back out this way.
  19. 80+ views and only 1 hello, not an overly friendly lot... Why have the "Introduce Yourself" thread at all? Is it that I have eaten trout and plan to eat more?
  20. SilverCreek, Thank you for these gems!
  21. I bought a Peak Vice 6 or so years ago, I like it a lot. Local Colorado company, so that is a big plus. I like that I can use the rotary function for ribbing and hackle, if needed or not. I haven't had any real problems with it, but it is the first vice I have had that was over $100...
  22. Love this! I hope to have something like that to post up soon with my son.
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