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  1. When my youngest boy was 4 or 5, he wanted to "tie a hook". I turned him loose with some thicker thread and use of any peacock, hen feathers and such. I let him put things where he wanted and only helped to make them secure and tie off. 6 years later I just stumbled across those flies.... Not much to look at for most people, but I love them. He really enjoyed it, I don't know if it was because he was making something of his own (like a Big Boy) or spending time in close proximity to me... maybe a little of both. I have only tied a couple time in the last 6 years and only for a couple of swaps & for some friends. I really want to hit the tying hard this winter.
  2. Thanks rockworm! I have found my bench, just need to clear it off and do some inventory of the bugs I have, the bugs I want and what materials I have to play with.
  3. Hello, I have lurked long enough.... I have twisted bugs on and off since I was 9. Started learning at a Community College in SoCal back in the late 70's early 80's with my Dad. Have taken a break the last couple of years and really miss it. Been here near Ft. Collins for almost 12 years and haven't even begun to scratch the surface of the fishing opportunities around me. I have kids so we've been chuckin' bait for a while, now it's time to move on. Kids love fishing and making the switch to fly & bubble seems like a good idea as it gives them something to do (casting and reeling in) and easier to turn loose as well. We LOVE to eat them but it would be nice to come home with just pictures and not clean fish... Tired of pretentious BS from over priced fly shops... I miss Bob's Fly Tying Specialties in Loveland... Every time I sit down to tie, I learn something new or maybe relearn something I already knew. This place seems like a good forum to hangout, maybe do some swaps when I get my post count up. Regards, -Judson
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