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  1. Hmmm, I'm hoping I'm not one of the first two... 😁 I used to service sewing machines, I've charged it a couple times when they were rude to me or the other staff. On the flip side, I had an older lady come in and ask if I could service both of her machines in 3 days... The standard was 5-7 days, but I didn't have any repairs, just clean and tunes... I told her it wouldn't be a problem.. Staff looked at me funny. I took those home and worked on them the next night. I called her the next day and she asked... "what's your favorite pie?" I told her "blueberry" expecting something that would be edible, but not spectacular... I was wrong... She brought it with when she came to pick up her machines... This was the best blueberry pie I'd ever eaten and it was beautiful to boot!
  2. Good way to get charged an A-hole tax... lol.
  3. 😍😍 It's beautiful... and it's mine!!! 😍😍
  4. That's good to know! Thanks! I LOVE Brookies! and Splake!
  5. The splake I've caught have a more forked tail and less color than the monster above...
  6. Those are HUGE by brookie standards! Beautifull!
  7. Someone is going to be very happy with that!
  8. The check, I mean, the flies are in the mail... lol. Will send tracking number via pm.
  9. The Swiss one is sweet looking, but I'll save some money and buy some more tungsten beads... https://www.walmart.com/ip/Heavy-Duty-Stainless-Steel-Chip-Bag-Clips-Snack-Sealing-Clips-Food-Great-Air-Tight-Seal-Grip-Coffee-Bags-Kitchen-Home-Office-Usage-Wide-1-6-3-0-4-7/366524364
  10. The "WayBack Machine" has this: https://web.archive.org/web/20190825223314/http://hatchesmagazine.com/blogs/Hatches/
  11. I'd like to join with a frenchie... It's been a minute since I've swapped and FBN's flies are top notch! BTW, I've lived in Liverpool and East Syracuse about 20 years ago... Familiar with West Canada Creek, Salmon River and Chittenango Creek.... Haddock at Dorthy's cafe was great!
  12. Love this! 😍 Brooks are my fav as well!
  13. Been long enough that I double posted! Oops!
  14. I can't remember the last time I logged in... Been even longer since I did a swap... Glad to see some old names and some new ones too!
  15. That Buffalo nickel was a very nice touch! I'm following this forum so I don't miss out on something like that one again..
  16. I use a $5 one mostly and it works great... Most resins set with the 405nm. I have a couple but the cheap one hasn't let me down yet. Single AA battery too.
  17. Thanks BB! They are an easy tie. If you are looking for one that is near indestructible, look up a thread frenchie! Thread and wire make up the body coated with UV resin. The tail and thorax can be gone and it will still catch fish.
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