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  1. Welcome from another Coloradoan. If you get a chance, swing by the Orvis Park Meadows Fall Fly Tying Fanatics Fest Saturday, November 10th from 10:00 – 5:00. There will be about 30 tiers there throughout the day.
  2. I've been using Dai-Riki hooks with much success but it is getting more difficult to find them at the shop I frequent most. I just started tying on Firehole hooks and LOVE them.. really sharp!
  3. @B. LeBlanc What are you using for the tail & collar? Looks like some ginger hen fibers and possibly a dubbing rope of guard hair for the collar? They do look outstanding.
  4. @mikechell That's outside of the box! That would do just fine and he can either do a loop to loop and/or favorite knot to it... @chugbug27 those foam winders of something like this:
  5. Guys, I can't thank you enough for your help in understanding what MD is and the various ways to help. I truly appreciate you taking the time to reply.I'm going to buy several of the devices and have him test them out. If nothing else, I really don't mind tying bugs on for him, but do not want him to feel like he is putting me out by doing so. I look forward to having someone to fish with.
  6. I have an older lady friend who's husband hasn't fly fished in a number of years. I showed her some photos of a recent jaunt I made and she said her husband really enjoyed fly fishing, but just struggles with tying on bugs. Has anyone tried the C&F threaders, TyePro or the Orvis hook threader? I'm willing to go fish with him to help out but I'm sure he'd like some level of self sufficiency. Orvis C & F Threader Tyepro Thanks!
  7. Hey BB, I had way too many messages in there... I'll send you a PM to respond to. Thanks!
  8. Hey BB, I'd like to join this one... Jig style frenchie will work in all of those waters and I won't leave the house without a couple in my box. Ideas on due date? Also need your addy... J-Kno
  9. Sorted and tagged... Should mail out tomorrow.
  10. @notenuftoys I LOVE it! A little weight AND a soft hackle, doesn't better in my book..
  11. Been a couple of years since my last swap here... I am due and this sounds like a good one. I'm in with a gut sack!
  12. A "cougar" for my age group is going to be 70+...
  13. Prayers said for Ross and family.
  14. Blood knot dropper, blood loop dropper, dropper loop... You can call it whatever you like... search it and the first 3 hits have 3 different names. One is the real one. I get what you are saying in that it isn't a true blood knot, but it is blood knotish...
  15. I just started using the Blood Knot dropper. I am not having an issue with entanglement as the dropper tag comes out at 90* to the main line. Link: Blood knot dropper There are a couple ways to do it, but this is a good video. I know a guy that ties the knot pretty big and cuts one end at the knot itself leaving 6-8" and attaches a fly or more tippet to that.
  16. HAHAHA! YES!!! Steve, is it too late to add that? If not, then I am down. She can be the girly-girl, but she also has that special something that allows her to get dirty and take some risk as well. My hands will be full when she is older... She just started school this year and I have her practicing putting her thumbs into the eyes of boys messing with her. She has done it to her older brothers when they wouldn't leave her alone... Much to the chagrin of her mother.... DOH! We typically fish stocked lakes and she wants assurance that the trout she caught is the trout she is eating... She wants to whack deer and rabbits as well. She has never turned her nose up at any game meat... I've begun "easing" her into the idea of conservation with letting the smaller ones go...
  17. This came out better than I imagined!!! She is going to love it! FlaFly: The rod is 7'6" and the girl isn't dainty... She is my Warrior Princess... She is all about killing shit and eating it. This is her Christmas gift and will not likely get to use it until spring after things start to thaw.
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