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  1. Yes, looks identical to mesh wire loom. I saw Chris Krueger tying with it over the weekend.
  2. I use just a little thick CA (generic Zap-a-Gap) to keep my biots in place. Nice tie, love you channel... been sub'd for a while.
  3. Stocking 32 tons of trout daily... wow... a Purina Trout Chow imitation should do the trick... Looks like they changed the name to AquaMax...
  4. Well the float tube and bladder are in great shape. I tried to rapid fill it from an air tank and the rubber o-ring flew into the bladder itself. I pulled the one from the back rest and put it in the red fill tube. I put an o-ring in the other and it has held air in the backrest all day as full as I dare. I think I am ok, but no one has these valves... Not Caddis, NRS or Outcast. I'll continue my quest for some new valves and post up if I can find a suitable replacement. Thanks guys for the help (and encouragement)
  5. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement valve like the pic below? Caddis (OEM) does not have any and neither does Outcast... I tried to repair with an O-ring, but leaks too much to be comfortable with. TIA
  6. Looking at the list and ideas, I really like this one. I'm in if there is a space.
  7. Will be sending some Silvey's Bead Head Caddis Pupa... in Orange...
  8. BCT, if you do get to wet a line, let us know how you did, that sounds like some pretty country. You'll have to post up pics of that "bad head pheasant tail" lol. Semi Seal by the creator John Rohmer: Semi Seal Leach Might want to check out his site: http://www.azflyfishing.net
  9. I was going to give you the snarky LMGTFY, but didn't want to come across as a complete Richard Cranium. Keep it reel!
  10. Hey dude! Check this out: http://m.orvis.com/fishing_report.aspx?locationid=5923 Or this: http://www.perfectflystore.com/woakc.html Between the two you should be set. Readers Digest Condensed Version says BWOs in 18-20, sedge and such. I'd recommend Bear's Baetis as it is an easy tie and very effective that small.
  11. Hey vicrider, I'd love to take credit for the other fly but I only supplied the Platte River Special on the left (gold, yellow & red). Keep it reel!
  12. Not a problem with the ones I suggested. All of the other lids stay locked with just one open... unless you open more of them at once... I used to use a 10 compartment "hook" box, but all 10 comartments were open at once...
  13. This requires the use of a cat? No thanks.... lol
  14. This has "Secret Weapon" or "Guide Fly" written all over it. Looks effective, fast & easy to tie. eta: Great SBS btw...
  15. I am using the Craft Mates Lockables. I get them at Joann Fabric on sale for about $4.05 out the door.
  16. Was it the Super Moon, the Blood Moon or??? So I take the 2 youngest up to small lake in the mountains close by for some fly & bubble action last evening. Keep in mind that we don't get up there until 5:45 pm. The youngest (5) wants to use bait... I oblige and then set myself up with two flies I came up with last year... The middle kiddo is just wanting to hunt crawdads; if he is happy, then I am happy... Well after my first 4 casts brought 3 fish to hand, they are BOTH now interested in fly & bubble and using dad's flies. So I stop all fishing activities of my own and get them set up. The action was HOT!!! The youngest wound up catching 5, two of them were on her own casts, middle kid catches 6 and dad manages to get 12 to hand! By 7:30 we need to get everything packed up and head back to the car. All of this within an hour & 45 minutes... CRAZY good time!!! I hope it was good luck & maybe a little bit of skill; I do not have to wait until 2033 for another evening like that!
  17. Hey vicrider, This word "bonus" you speak of... is it a contraction? If it is, it should should have an apostrophe ya? My company always spells is as two words... as in "bone us"...
  18. Platte River Special goes in the mail today.
  19. I LOVE my Peak vise. I got it because I wanted a rotary that was really, really stable, under $200 and I could get parts for locally (midge jaws, etc.) I have tied size 22 midges to size 6 streamers. I have had it for 7ish years now and take it with me everywhere I go. I haven't tied on the mongoose or a Regal, but I have tried out the Renzetti Traveller and it was nice, but Peak being a Colorado company sealled the deal... I have no idea on their custmer service as I have not had a problem yet.
  20. I'm in if there is room. Partridge & orange with a herl thorax.
  21. Mine will be there on Monday (so USPS says)... Little olive caddis emerger that has been very productive for me out here...
  22. Cheech, Thanks for doing this. You have more resins listed than I knew existed. J-Kno
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