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  1. For budget friendly rods I would contact steeldrifter on this site. He'd likely be able to make you 2 rods (maybe a 5 & 7wt) for the price you'd pay for one "budget" rod at the retail stores... and his work is beautiful. Keep in mind that even on a 7wt rod, the reel mostly holds line. I use the cheaper Okuma reals as I just palm the exposed ring anyways if I need more drag.
  2. Is this Brandon? (only guy I know in Ft C from Maine...lol) Welcome to this forum, great place for learning and sharing. Get involved with some swaps and get out and fish!
  3. I could only hope to have as good as colleagues to receive something like this. BEAUTIFUL!
  4. J-Kno


    Less than 2 hours from my house, straight West. 8-12" for size is typical. Some cutbows in there too, but I have yet to catch one. Here is a small one when I drove up there to fish for 20 minutes this past Fall. Yeah, I get impulsive sometimes... 3+ hours total drive time, 20 minutes of fishing and probably $23+ in fuel, but it was worth it!.... I felt I needed to get out of the house.
  5. J-Kno


    At the end of summer come out here and I can get you on them... Not the size eide is talking, but beautiful none the less.
  6. I am going to tie a Double Bunny
  7. @ wschmitt3 - Let me know if you'd like to sell it, I am willing to rework it for the Scouts to tie flies on. Regards, J-Kno
  8. I am waaaaaay out of my "element" here, but I'd like to try this out. I'll figure out what I'll attempt sometime this week.
  9. Skink hair??? Must be very fine....
  10. Slovenia Soca or anything over there with turquoise water...
  11. Actually it would, C. You'd get upset ... well, MORE upset, so I won't. Sooooo tempting....
  12. In between the "code" <> and "twitter" t buttons lies the "quote" button... looks like the "comment" button on Disgracebook
  13. vicrider, no worries! I had seen michaelray's post and knew i was at least second in line. I have an email alert set up now so if there is a swap that comes along, I'll know about it with the "quickness".
  14. David, you should have mine by Wednesday.
  15. Guys doing trails in Moab and the like will have something like this for "on-trail" repairs... WELDER
  16. J-Kno

    caffine sin

    That's just wrong, Mike. I don't drink coffee because I'm addicted to caffeine, I drink it to make the headaches stop..... hahahahaha! Tru Dat!
  17. J-Kno

    caffine sin

    Back in the mid 80's i would go with my Dad to the gold exchange in L.A. The guy that did a lot of selling there would snap his fingers and 3 Turkish coffees would appear. To this day I remember that and the grounds on the bottom of the little cup. Nothing since has been close to that. 30 years ago now...
  18. He's a Pro Staffer for TroutLine so I'm guessing that the website uses his images, or at least the flies he ties. Cheech for the WIN! (emphasis added)
  19. Ooooooooooo I think he knows "those" kind of bars better than us, huh J? Silk ... you have super-duper-top-secret-covert-undercover-bad-boy points. They don't show up under your name because it would set everybody's computer on fire. Maybe he does... Not the "Blue Oyster" is it? Also, are we considered the "bad boys" of FTF? lol... I am ex-Navy, so very little disturbs me or is considered "off limits" like normal people would...
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