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  1. No, you have to HALO in to where the rattlesnakes are, then kill them. Total badassery! Or go get that tan in Kansas!
  2. SILKHDH, I heard that Pat Buchanan said you can catch it from the internet! You are all DOOMED! All joking aside, you find out pretty quickly on the interwebs who can joke around and who cannot. Mikechell seems to be able to take a joke and hit you back with one too. If we ever meet, I will buy him a beverage of his choice at his favorite "Happy" bar. I apologize for my participation in the derail/hijack of an awesome fly thread. I would love to see a materials list LuciV
  3. Yes, yes it does... very much so, I might add... These are crazy cool looking, might even say "sexy"... hmmm, might be joining you Mike... lol
  4. Bryon, The IKEA lamps would only need the clamp to vise and a simple plug. Plenty of directed light in a small package. I'll see if I can fab something up, if I can find some aluminum.
  5. J-Kno

    caffine sin

    Nice touch with the butter, I have been using coconut oil. LOVE it! No more Fivebucks for me (Starbucks)
  6. I am a Peak fan-boy, but that thing is expensive for what it is. I use this from IKEA: light. I am going to take two of these and make a mount for them that attaches to my vise: Bright idea
  7. Those Ugly Sticks were nowhere close to as light as this was... I am tempted to save some coin to try one out.
  8. From purely an aesthetics point of view, snake foot guides are the only way to go.... For me.
  9. Just saw this rod last weekend at the Denver Fly Show: Blue Halo It is the lightest rod I have handled and the tip was tied to the butt, the rod was completely bent over...... was amazing to hold. I didn't have a chance to cast it though..
  10. That rocks! I dig your site btw.
  11. Hahaha, Kimo, I was being sarcastic for those in the know... I was shocked to learn how much you didn't make writing a book. Now, how to turn my hobby into a write-off.... lol
  12. All, I really appreciate your sage advice. I had planned out 12 flies and had everything organized in a separate box for each pattern, along with one already tied to pass around while it was being "crafted". I got laughs, applause and I think just about everyone learned something. I hadn't planned on doing a demo this year. I was asked by one of the Shop managers if I would be willing to do it as a fill in, so I put everything together in 2 weeks. Out here the fly shops have their demos planned out for the winter season, so I was luck to get my foot in the door with this one. A friend of mine said being prepared for when opportunity knocks is really important. I am ready to go the next time and I will start asking fly shops around town if they need a "Replacement/fill-in" I'm their guy. I am scheming a way to Arkansas for the Sow-Bug, but we'll see. Funds are a bit tight as we are on a budget to get all unsecured debt out of the way. After this Spring, we'll be debt free, besides the house. We can then work on fishing and/or tying trips after that.
  13. Sounds almost as lucrative as getting a fly fishing book published...
  14. HR, this looks like a blast. Great concept too. I just found out where exactly this is, can you PM me a list of Colorado guys? Maybe I can find a ride to split gas with...
  15. What price are you paying now? Try: AMAZON
  16. Mahalo nui loa Kimo for sharing this. Gives some of us a closer look into what the process is and how to go about it.
  17. If I was within a day's drive, I'd do it. Sounds like a great time!
  18. Also, looks like the editor has clarified that you do earn royalties: Phil Monahan January 14, 2015 at 9:50 am "Of course the winner gets the royalty payments from sales of their fly pattern. But trust me: it’s not enough to let you quit your day job."
  19. Instagram is free, just sign your life awa.... I mean, Sign here: Instagram
  20. Just read through the T&Cs... The fly is theirs, no royalties....: b. Contestant has the full and exclusive right, power and authority to submit the Entry and to grant Sponsor the rights to the Entry, including but not limited to the worldwide copyright; g. By accepting a prize, winners agree that Sponsor and its affiliates may use the winner’s name, address (city, state), photograph, statements, video, or other likeness, and/or prize information for advertising, publicity and promotional purposes. In addition, winner grants to Sponsors, and its affiliates any and all rights to said use without further notice and/or compensation, except where prohibited by law.
  21. How was the Indy show? Indy was better than Denver come Sunday evening.... lol.
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