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  1. Mine was a muddler minnow..A few years ago, my mother had some 60 year old friend from college or whatever come over for dinner, with his wife. he had brought somne of his Very, VERY old fly tying stuff from back in the day, and asked me if i wanted to learn how to...i said yes. turns out, all he could remember how to tie was a muddler minnow. mine looked like it was asembled by a blind, drunken monkey. but it did get me started
  2. Thompson all the way. or, if that doesn't work, Try to find an older distant relative, family friend etc. and see if he has any Fly tying stuff. that's how i obtained most of my capes and my second vise, for free 3 years ago. =)
  3. A Wooly bugger or a muddler minnow. those seem to cover just about everything if you alter them a little.
  4. "Al's Wiggle Frog" is a good one. very easy. Can't remember the Site\Book\whatever where i got the pattern though...I'd list it but you really need pictures becuase of the odd body shape..
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