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  1. Best advice? Relax and have fun. Tie what you like to tie. I also like what phg said about having bugger materials on hand to have a kid try it out. J
  2. Depends on what I using for the wings. Feathers = burners. Just about anything else (foam, sheet wing) = cutters. J
  3. This is the reason why I tend to tie wrapping towards myself. I feel I get a better look at how the materials are moving with the thread wraps as I tie towards myself. That being said I have focused on wrapping away for the last year or so as I have had to create some tying vids for work and wanted to go with the flow of most tyers. J
  4. PT....always enjoy your posts. You are one seriously dedicated and disciplined tyer. Cheers J
  5. Jokey

    Over it

    Best post of the day right there. LOL. J
  6. Looks awesome Cream. Nice thing about using schlappen in a twist with polar chenille is that neither material seems to dominate the other and you get a nice mix and showing of both. Well done. J
  7. Those wrappers on Babybel cheeses. Translucent red....great for making chironomid bodies. Almost a little like the anti-static bag material. J
  8. Holy crap.....I am surprised you have time for the website at all. I used to blog a fair bit until my kids started to come along and then I just had no time. Tying a few flies here and there was the best I could do until they got older. Good on you for working so hard it when spare time is definitely hard to come by. J
  9. Thanks for the offer Mike. I will actually be getting in on the 10th and planning to fish on the 11th. A former co-worker of mine has something arranged in the way of fishing that Monday so I am covered....but I appreciate the thought. Cheers J
  10. How's fishing been down there Mike? I am coming down a day early and hoping to be able to wet a line. J
  11. Hey all Anyone here on the forum going to the ICAST/IFTD show in Orlando this year? Looking forward to this as it will be my first time going. Can't wait to see all the new stuff for 2017. J
  12. Yep....totally me. Working for a manufacturer of materials means staying current reading blogs, article and cruising websites where tyers lurk. Inevitably I run across something I just have to try out (I blame Cheech/Curtis and all of you regular posters in the monthly vise post for this) so I head to the warehouse and grab more stuff. I have to keep it in the trunk of the car and take it out after the wife goes to bed. J
  13. Man.....the stuff you are cranking out in such a short time.....that's pretty amazing. J
  14. Nice Cream.....no rust there. J
  15. Took up the flyrod when I was 11. Impressed my grandfather with my grayling catching enough that the next Christmas he got me a tying kit and whatever hooks and materials he could find up in Whitehorse at the time (which wasnt much). Quickly realized the kit was a complete POS but that tying was going to be something I was going to stick with. Never will forget the first fish I caught on one of my own flies. J
  16. Being so certain that I have something in a specific color at home in my stash so I don't buy it from work or another places that sells tying stuff. Get home with an idea in mind and find that I, in fact, do not own that particular item. When I want to tie something it's usually something specific and I find that the creative urge tends to slip away when I realize I lack the materials. J
  17. Adam.....didn't know what I was looking at right off the bat. Had to enlarge the pic....then I figured it out. Well played sir. Well played. J
  18. This thread was a great bit of comic relief from the spreadsheet I have been playing with. Seems like all it has successfully done is greatly increased the post total of Mr McFly. J
  19. That's right Mike....whether it's flies or women....beer goggles certainly come into play! J
  20. I'm not saying that this would be the solution to ALL of life's problems but after a cocktail or two I seem to tie better than ever. Goes for golf too. Please tie responsibly. J
  21. Cream.....the eyes. Mono ones or sections of bead chain? They look great. J
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