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  1. when you took pains to dye a peacock eye just the right color of pink only to have the stoopid cat make off with it. J
  2. I believe on the older one the package description calls them "tinned". Not only do they have the dull finish but they seemed a lot lighter than standard. J
  3. I like these a lot. I do a ton of tying with glass beads but for some reason have never thought about doing stonefly bodies with them. Have some concerns about the beads holding up when bounced along the river bottom though. A coat of UV might help keep them in one piece. Have you had these break much? J
  4. Cripes! You could rob a liquor store with that thing. Considering I can't grate cheese without giving up some blood I think I will stay away from that tool. J
  5. I like something that still tastes good warm as with cold drinks I forget about it when I get into the tying groove and it goes warm. A glass of Southern Comfort is pretty great. In a tin cup if I am out camping and tying at the picnic table. Any drink tastes better in a tin cup. J
  6. Other than a little neater work on the head I think it looks pretty darn good. Great job. J
  7. In my experience this fly almost needs to be tied with one of the versions of twisted (krinkly or whatever it might be called) flash for it to have the bulk it needs for the wings to keep the correct profile. Twisted mylar, twisted Superflash or Flashabou Accent all do the trick. It will work with just the regular flash but the profile won't be quite the same as the original fly. J
  8. For you my friend, $79 each and $23 shipping. That's pricey. I am going to wait for the results of the "Mouse Foot Shootout" before I slap down that kind of dough. Wanna make sure I get the best type out there. J
  9. This is exactly the answer. Hard proteins (deer hair) on hide = more dye needed. J
  10. Hey Peter.....sent you a PM. J
  11. I'm starting to wonder when the movie version of this thread will be hitting theaters. Might be an upcoming IF4 selection? Watching that film sure would be less exhausting than reading the whole thing. J
  12. Really great. Mind if I ask what the tail material is? Thanks J Both tail & body is moose That was my first guess but the fiber looked really flat so I suspected something else. Looks really great. Cheers J
  13. Really great. Mind if I ask what the tail material is? Thanks J
  14. I love that bird. The small eye feathers are a great jungle cock sub when trimmed down. I especially like the church window feathers with the bright orange edges and pale dun centers. Tails and wings are very much like turkey. There are plenty of long rump fibers that are awesome for spey patterns too. If you got one for free then that's a win no matter what as they are not a cheap bird. I know Feather Emporium has/had some. We are one of the only manufacturers that I know of that sells whole skins as a regular item to dealers. By the time you see it in a store it's probably around $125 so a free bird like that is a real score. J
  15. These monthly threads are easily my favorite part of this site. Great work guys. J
  16. Sounds like one helluva good buzz! J
  17. Will tell you from experience that dyeing your own egg yarn is no picnic. Not sure why that stuff is such a pain but man oh man....what a head ache. J
  18. I've seen just about everyone's commercial selection out there and I don't ever recall seeing dyed moose mane. Dyeing yourself sounds like the way to go. J
  19. Is that some kind of barred flash trailing back with the saddle? Don't think I have seen that before. Great looking tie! J
  20. They do make bead tweezers and while I don't use them myself we do sell a lot of them here. J
  21. I tie them. I gave these a go when I was much younger and newer to fly tying and man o man they are not for newbies. I still have a few of the ones I made almost 20 years ago. It's just such a great looking fly I can't resist tying a few whenever I think I might hit a Drake hatch. J
  22. If the wire you are buying doesn't have a plastic keeper like the spools of UTC some places also sell "thread buttons" that act the same way and hold down the tag end of wire to the top of the spool. Very cheap and easy solution for managing any spooled product. Cheers J
  23. I like the chip bag holder for your capes. I have a similar one I use for all my large bucktails and icelandic sheep. Looks great when all organized that way. Cheers J
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