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Born to dairy farming in Texas in 50's. Grew up trout fishing in small streams in AZ and NM, my dad loved fly fishing. Black river AZ, Gila river in NM. I became passionate about it then. In youth, passions also included hunting and backpacking. I don't hunt anymore.


Took a BS degree in Wildlife Biology, working summers and for a time after graduation for Forest Service and Colorado Div of Wildlife, but went into the Army for 20 years, laying aside my professional passion for outdoor resources. After Army and grad school in business, did consulting for another 20 years, and though I still do a project now and again, I am mostly retired while my wife's profession takes priority in our lives.


Last 20 years I reconnected with my fly fishing passion and developed my fly tying skills, picking up where I left off as a youth. Took me a bit to get up to speed, and I was amazed at the technological advances while old school materials and methods were still as good as ever. I tied for a fly shop for a few years, mostly larger bass flies, but I don't do that anymore. Still working on perfecting my small fly skills and advanced hair work, and being more creative. The pursuit of the perfect "doug" crayfish is on my shortlist of goals.


I enjoy my baitcast and spinning gear for bass, pike and pickerel, but I love them on the fly too. I often take flyrod as well as spinning gear on kayak float trips. All catch and release. Virginia has great bass rivers, lovely brookie streams, and some wonderful big trout streams at the upper end of those bass waters. Life is good.


For me, tying is a personal expression and a reflective art. I enjoy the swaps. Good folks on this forum.



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