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  1. Very interesting. Has this child ever fished? Learning the basics of fishing should be emphasized. Maybe starting out with a cane pole, learning to set the hook, feel the take of the fish, and developing control is the way to approach this topic. Keep to beginner fly rod for when the eye hand coordination is developed. Frustration is the killer of desire. We weren't born with fly rods in our hands.
  2. Good morning gentlemen! I have read the above comments and find all very interesting. The first vise I started using came with a Herter's kit purchased by my wife, as a Christmas gift, thirty-nine years ago. It looks to be a Thompson Model A. I still have it and it works wonderfully. I plan on passing on it to one of my grand children. I currently use a Thompson Cobra rotary vise. I purchased it in 2003. It continues to meet my tying needs. When I purchased the vise, I spoke with the company project engineer. It sounds as if out sourcing was the direction chosen by the owners. Too bad, if that's the direction taken. As my grandchildren age and show an interest "Flying ties", I my have to acquire another vise. I may go the HMH route. Tight lines to you all.
  3. I use a Thompson Cobra as my primary vice. I still have my Herter's vice my wife purchased for me 38 years ago. It is my back up vice and still a work horse.
  4. Decades ago, when in the Navy and visiting my in-laws in Ohio. I made the off hand comment to my mother-in-law, "If you ever come across one of those black squirrels, hit on the side of the road. I could sure the tail in my fly tying." To my surprise, on her next visit, she pulls a black squirrel tail, saran wrapped, from her purse. Glad I didn't ask for a fox squirrel pelt!
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