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  1. Those are pretty elaborate woven flies.There used to be a local woman who used a crochet hook to tie some very interesting nymphs she sold to the couple local fly shops when they were still open.I never knew whether anyone fished them or collected them.There were never any available for sale as they were all spoken for.
  2. When i first started tying i used to make these balsa ants quite often.I just sanded balsa sticks round.I like foam but those balsa ants are just plain pretty and they fished well.
  3. I love softies for panfish but they get tore up quickley.That is a beautiful fly tho.
  4. I love Michigan originated flies.They don't get the attention they should.I have seen this one before but never knew the history.SB has done some great work with the deer hair bodies here in the past.
  5. I understand they are very nice vises and do fetch some high dollars.
  6. I like how your keeping the thread back from the hook eye,i know that is part of the catskill thing .What again was the purpose?For snelling as many of the old flies were sold snelled.
  7. His website is still active just went there..i ordered 3 colors of the STUFF a couple years ago.They sent me a LOT of each.
  8. We had a fly fishing in Chicago 25 years ago,took my young daughter,.Not a huge show but very limited interest.One good thing i met Dave Whitlock,bought a signed book and he tied a fly for my daughter.He knew that i knew nothing about fly fishing or tying but really inspired me .After starts and stops i really immersed myself in this stuff.I was good angler brfore i ever picked up a fly rod and never thought about tying flies to that point.Fly fishing is something i can do most of the year,i can tie a fly and be at a local pond in 10 minutes casting away and usually catch something.Point is these shows have value especially to new comers.I hate crowds myself.
  9. Pheasant,silver top,ring necks have several varieties as well.They are commercially raised for hunt clubs and are sold as dressed birds for consumption.I have a lot of these feathers from friends who hunt.Have some with the green as well as pink and blue.
  10. Interesting concept.Let us know what the fish think.
  11. I have LOTS of vintage stuff.Maybe some that is banned but in the original paks.Not many flyfishers or tyers in my area but must have been at one time.I just went thru a box of flea market stuff and found 2 backs of seal on the skin peccary 3 capes 10 spools of silk ,some big Alcock salt water hooks, some vintage mustad hooks down sz 24 .I try to incorporate at least a couple natural materials into my ties.I bought some of Gartside's secret stuff in 3 colors.I still can't believe how much of each i got.Enough for 10 lifetimes.
  12. It depends ,for bass bugs i use a regal knockoff just because it has more clearance .I use my smaller rotary for everything else.If your tying big flies,bass pike salt water etc the extra clearance might come in handy,
  13. I would never bring my own boat to Reelfoot.All you do is hit stuff.We caught pickerel when bass fishing.You need a break from the crappies now and then.I know a couple guys from another forum that live near there.The asian carp got in and are messing things up.A very unique place with quite a history.
  14. Caught some pretty big Pickerel in Reelfoot lake,i believe their range is well into the deep south.
  15. There is no end to your creativity DD
  16. Good to see some tying vids Mr P
  17. The Gapen tackle Co, had a whole line up of flies and jigs like that DD.I have a collection of odd flies,The Pflueger pippin was a fly rod spoon with with a little blade on the hook itself.Some were mother of pearl.The chin spin i think is great design for a swimming jig but not sure about as a fly.I am a fisherman and enjoy flyfishing mostly these days.Leaving for my annual crappie trip in a week.Will be using live bait and jigs for the most part.UL spin fishing and flyfishing is where the 2 methods intersect,i tie several flies and jigs that are basically the same except for weight.I have no desire to fish 15 feet deep with flies but i have.It is a PITA .
  18. Smallmouth seem to like to stun their prey,i watched a few 6" smallmouth trying to dislodge a big craytfish one time .They kept ramming into him as he fought with his claws.They finally made him swim out from under the log he was backed against.They ripped him shreds.I always try to let smallmouths hit it a couple times as i believe you are correct.I also have caught many when they delicately sipped a foam bug off the surface.They don't seem to just inhale anything that fits in their mouth like peed off largemouth does.
  19. You could try an extra wide zonker strip?I would try to replicate the action more than the look.Nothing moves quite like rabbit.
  20. Are there grass shrimp in the canals?I fished Okeechobee sevral times years ago and the surrounding canals.When we took a break from bass we used grass shrimp and anything that looked like em for red ears and crappies.They were eaten instantly.We also caught oscars and some baby tarpon on them.I have not been down there in long time.Also fished the intercoastal near Stuart,wading the mangroves,caught my only saltwater fish on a fly rod using some sort of shrimp fly.Snook mangrove snappers and some fish we never identified,
  21. I myself do not try to replicate spinning lures as flies .I would rather use UL spinning gear as the fun factor is way more .But i will employ design characteristics of conventional lures .I fish mostly lakes and ponds and my flies have to have movement .But i am not in an area where flyfishing only water exists.There is a long history of fly rod lures and they are fun to collect or copy.Any tiny lures nowdays are better fished on UL spinning gear IMO.The pics i posted,the one with the blade is made on a jig body to be used on UL spinning gear..The other one has a foam core tied on a jig hook and is meant to be fished on a flyrod.I was trying for the same type of head as a mini rattl trap.A neutral buoyant mini diver that i am hoping will wiggle on the strip.May be able to fish it next week.It is way to light to fish on spinning gear as it has no lead head under the mylar,foam and UV body.I love fishing classic and traditional type flies but also love modern materials and experimenting.Most of you folks are light years ahead of me in your creativity and skills.
  22. Yes,and some scissors have a little notch at the pivot point for that reason.
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