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  1. You can get $$$$ for big koi .They live a long time.I have caught some 5lb class common goldfish in a Lake that has big bass and pike.Never count out any carp species.I know of a local pond in the next town that has several big koi.The pond is STRICT catch and release of all fish.My buddy told me his neighbor would pay me at least 50 bucks a fish.
  2. I may have posted them here years ago,ice blades from netcraft i believe,They can be used as fly rod spoons.I have some i think siwash hooks in sz 12 that i dress and connect with a split ring.I have put tung beads on the hooks and lead tape on the blades.These blades were designed to accept solder being chrome plated brass.
  3. You will have to break it in,i still have that vise or an earlier version.The guy that used to run the local tackle shop lead me to believe it was the same thing as a regal.I only use it for big flies,bass bugs etc.It does take strong grip to open it but the spring lost some strength over the years,My friends who don't fly fish but do build tackle like them for holding big trebles and such for their musky and salmon baits,The tall stem gives a lot of clearance underneath.
  4. They all look great,the final choice will be made by the fish.Of course they can change their minds from day to day also.Even the pond bluegills get picky and never can decide amongst themselves which fly is better,
  5. I favor the chin spin or road runner type as i catch tons of spring crappies ,sunfish.bass,white bass etc on spinning gear.They always ride hook point up and the BB swivel and tiny blade helps to deflect the lure away from snags.The hook up ratio is high and there is little line twist compared to in line blades.The chin spin spins on the fall too.This is why Road Runners are trademarked patented and the "concept" is protected,You can buy pony head jigs and lead molds but try to sell them and they will take you to court.They even successfully sued BPS forcing them to redesign the stump jumper.
  6. SD your in Michigan so you know what i am talking about.Supposedly the gobies eat them,another invader.I 'm beginning to think that all the liquid fertilizer they spray on the grass is getting airborne thru evaporation or something.A wildlife sanctuary that lets us fish for a yearly fee has sterile grass carp that kind of keep the weeds in check.For years they thought the treasured Lake Perch pop had crashed due to the invasive species.They just moved off shore to the weedbeds growing in 20+ feet of water.Know idea how the fishing has been as they closed the IL lakefront a year ago.
  7. They have been in the great lakes for 30 years.It changed the eco system for sure . Lake Michigan is as clear as an aquarium and there are now weed beds in deep water off shore.The round goby eats the zebra mussels.The native fish have returned tho.Small mouth bass eat gobies and are numerous and getting bigger all the time.There are actually a couple flyfishing guides fishing the south end of the lake.The lake is cleaner than in a 100 years or more.The salmon and steelhead have wiped out the alewife and now follow the giant schools of shad that replaced them.The mussels are now in the rivers,local lakes and ponds.They most likely are in the Mississippi and Ohio rivers.They are in the powerplant cooling lakes so they can survive hot water.As an angler they are like a miracle,they do get in the intakes but after 3 decades they are obviously being dealt with.They have even altered the climate a bit.Clear water warms more slowly than silty cloudy water so there is more of a lake effect when the wind comes off the lake.
  8. Wife's been saving those for years for me.I dont use much of it and surely have a lifetime supply.It is a little big for nymphs but good for crayfish .
  9. I try to stay close to the original and do enjoy tying them for some reason.Not a fly i fish with often.I have been tying some with foam underbodies instead of dubbing to keep them floating after i a couple big carp took a swipe at one.They only seemed interested with it floating high.
  10. So true Bimini,I have so many gadgets, 15 GOOD scissors,twenty bobbins ,precision pliers,tiny calipers and metal rulers, files ,surgical tweezers and clamps and on and on.I really only need sp little of these.I rarely use a hackle plier but have settled on the test clamp type.The plastic ones pictured are a cheap version of the actual test clamp that come with wires attached for electronics.I think you could hold a single human hair with one.I am not a hoarder in general but sure am with all this stuff.I only tie for myself and way too many .
  11. Milkweed has fibers similar to kapok.Also used in WW2 life jackets.I believe Tuttle devil bugs had an under body of milkweed.There was no foam at the time they were invented.
  12. You can find smaller amounts in the hook a rug bundles.I think it is antron which is non water absorbing,Not sure if the craft stores carry them.
  13. I just read we are due for the 17 year hatch in my region this summer.Had a small hatch last summer but not the big one,I heard you can have very localized hatches due to trees being brought in from other regions.The cicada larva included in the root ball.I have lived thru 4 of these,not quite that old but they were in different regions.The fish just gorge themselves as well as the birds.
  14. Nice and timely,we get the 17 year cicadas this coming summer.I have saw catfish even coming to the surface to feed on them last time they appeared .Schools odf 5 inch bluegills ripped them to shreds like piranahs .Fishing can be epic for a couple weeks.
  15. Caught a bunch on clousers fishing a nuke cooling lake.Started out fishing for smallies in the chunk rock.After 4 or 5 channel cts i targeted them for a while.Must have caught a dozen,Caught some bullheads last spring and after the first couple i kept going,Catfish are fun and big cats are more funner.
  16. A classic and a great bluegill bug.
  17. Mustad sproat in sz 12 are a good all around hook for bluegill bugs.I use barbless 12 and 14 light wire nooks for poppers and small foam bugs.They float better and easy to unhook the fish.The barbless hooks have a wider gap.I seem to get more hook ups and the hook almost sets itself.The hook eyes are tiny tho and 6lb mono is sometimes hard to get thru the eye.If you prefer a longer hook use 12 aberdeens,
  18. How many tools and accessories are in the line?When are these from?I think i saw these back in the 90s?
  19. I agree having fished with live crickets for bluegills they seldom eat them on the surface ,They prefer them sinking slowly and struggling.Yet they crush tiny poppers and assorted foam bugs.Those uv glass ants are killer silver and FT I am gonna tie and fish some balsa ants.Brings me back to when i learned to tie from books and magazines.A video was vhs,no internet
  20. To me they look so much better than foam.To the fish probably not.I myself appreciate tradition and some artistry but do like using foam myself.
  21. Good for you,being self taught and having never flyfished with anyone,i have gone thru long periods where i didn't tie or use a flyrod.As time went by i realized i enjoy fishing alone and fish better too.When i fish with family or friends it is the same ol same ol.Plastics or crankbaits etc.I seem to enjoy not catching fish with a flyrod more than catching 10 on the latest 15 dollar lure..
  22. I believe the original Mc Murray ant used balsa instead of foam.I know i tied some long ago as well as balsa beetles .Sure was a process burning a hole to 2 little balsa beads then painting them.Was a great fly.So was the beetle.I love my foam it still looks like foam.
  23. All that dubbing will eventually make it sink,Silver was referring to surface tension.Hanging below or just under is where an ant would be anyway.They don't enter the water on purpose and should be fished as a downed insect same as a hopper.Flying ants do hatch but on land.I only fish warm water these days but love a surface bite.By the way nice fly!
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