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  1. Me too,but like lether punches you hit with a hammer..I make mine on #12 hooks for gills and use a jewelry punch pliers thing and pop a hole thru the cylinder bodies.I tie everything on the hook and then slide the body on with super glue.You can make quite a few in a couple hours.
  2. cedar does protect against moths.They sell super thin planks for lining closets and drawers,I think the key is to refresh with cedar.I only got critters once and i believe they had already infested a skin i bought from a fly shop that had a funk to it.A cheap low quality cape from asia.It was stored with other feathers and most suffered some damage.I think they eventually suffocated in the air tite container.
  3. the doggy brush method,if you are serious about it you can research wool cards.a much better version of the dog brushes.you need two of them.this will align all the fibers perfectly.i dont tie that type of fly so i never made the investment.great way to mix different fibers and can see results as you go.
  4. you gotta find some friends who hunt.or raises chickens.pheasant has some useful feathers for leg/hackles.so does all the aforementioned birds.
  5. very good source.i have bought alot from them.best deal and selection IMHO
  6. A very fishable fly eide. have a few early gapen muddlers,the head was just kind of clipped,not shaped.i heard this was so it pushed water,not the pretty fly we are used to seeing.yours looks great
  7. these are sz 12 barbless .leather punch and hammer.quick easy and cheap.have caught 100s and 100s of bluegills
  8. thanks for the links.i do tie some micro jigs for my non fly fishing family and friends.they like to tip the jigs so i need a hook with a barb
  9. just got some eagle claw black nickle 12s.a lot of manufacturers making 12s in various hook styles.been using the barbless 60 degree competition type hooks for tung bead fly jigs for gills and crappie.even if they swallow it i can easily get the hook out without any real harm to the fish
  10. Not to be argumentative ... but, for me, this is a totally incomprehensible statement. I guess this goes along with the debate of, "Is it a lure or a fly?" Not being argumentative. I don't care how you define a fly so long as you don't mind how I define a fly. And they're all technically "lures," some lures look more like flies, which largely attract by sight, some by making a disturbance and a sound in the water, which for me is rather basic to defining a popper. I think you may be drawing too little of a line between them, actually. THere's a huge difference, which I know you recognize but for some reason on this thread, you attempt to lump them together, when really the only thing they have in common is they're delivered by a fly rod. I just put more emphasis on flies and get minimalistic on poppers. Maybe this is just me. I fish a LOT more poppers than flies, maybe that's the reasoning how I define the two. Not diminishing the value of poppers, it's just that a whole lot of them are formed for the tier at some level, at least in my book. And I won't hesitate to buy a formed body for a popper. As I said, I cut a rectangle out of a piece of flip flop, glue on a hook and I'm pretty well done with it. I take far more care and time tying a dry fly and I'm much more concerned with the finished product. Maybe because trout are far more difficult to fool than a bass or a bream. trout hit some crazy stuff too.chernobyl ants and that style of sandwiched foam.i tie some pretty delicate looking foam poppers in sz 12 for panfish and have hooked trout and carp on them.little foam head but dressed with deer hair, hackle tips,dry fly hackle and a touch of crystal flash.and deer hair poppers are works of art the way some do it here.bream and bass can be as selective as any species this time of year as real insects and other prey are plentiful
  11. eagle claw 4/5,they re introduced them.about 30 bucks.i have the ruby river 3wt and a tfo 3wt.both 6'7".about the same price.the glass rod is awesome.i can throw farther tah the tfo .an absolute blast for sunfish and crappies.the tfo is still my choice for fishing deeper with tung bead nymphs when they wont hit a popper or dry.i am ordering 2 of the eagle claws for teaching a couple people to fish this summer.they are nice and slow and forgiving and at 30 bucks you cant go wrong
  12. nice job by all.i use only a few patterns as i like to throw them with abandon .but unless they are on beds they can be more selective than people think so having a good selection cant hurt.i have just pared it down to 5 or 6 flies in a few colors.gonna have to try those deer hair bugs tho.gotta have em even if i never use em
  13. would like to post some pics of some foam popper options but too much trouble to post on this forum.no way to add pics directly to post?
  14. sorry but i would just go buy some road runners.they are a very good search lure and i have caught many species on them i could probably carve a rapala type body and add a diving lip and paint it all pretty and say its a fly rod lure.but whats the point,i could just go buy a rapala and it would work much better than any contraption i come up with.redears are not smarter.just have a different life style than bluegills.
  15. not trying to offend but if a tug on the line is all i'm looking for i would use my ultra light and throw a road runner which i do.i also use bait at times.i could probably just as easily cast a small road runner on my fly rod.my opinion a flyrod is for flies.my definition is something that could not he fished properly on conventional gear.i do use some micro jigs and tung bead flies that go about 1/100th.anything bigger i can toss on an ultra light.at some point it is no longer a fly.this is fly tying forum.there are jig tying forums out there lots of em.
  16. really enjoyed the tutorial.what i tie i tie well but i do get sloppy and in to much of a hurry.i need to slow myself down and do the little things that make a real difference in the end product
  17. i made some cotton wood cotton pod flies.white cdc and green foam.got a couple takes but some storms made the cotton hatch short lived.they have since removed most of the carp from that pond.
  18. Those would be Jim Cosgrove poppers and spiders... Now, wherever did you get so many?? hows it going mcscruff,i mean dayhut
  19. great work you guys.i like em all.the devil bug was one of the first patterns i tried tying.it is warmwater match the hatch season here in the midwest.bugs everywhere i'd eat this dude
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