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  1. one of my favorite things in life is bluegill fishing with a fly rod.crickets and bees are the top patterns now til frost.was at a party yesterday.bees pester
  2. will make a nice warmwater panfish/smallie fly here in no illinois.i like simple
  3. wow great video.i am scrounging for old cassettes right now
  4. used all the cheap brands and zap a gap.i bought some gorilla super glue.love the stuff.and the bottle closes nicely.has a fine tip but i apply my glue with a needle squirt a drop on some waxed paper and put exactly where i want with needle.
  5. lots of retired machinists here in the upper midwest.sure they could throw something together,they build race engines for a few bucks more than that vice
  6. good job.most braid floats also .tried the paint brush broom mono etc.will give this a shot
  7. yes that's awesome.with my limited skills i might even be able to pull that off.another of those why cant i think of that ties
  8. i wish this site was more user friendly as far as downloading pics.i fish for gills ALOT.foam spiders,foam poppers for the top.they are durable.most dry flies will also work but are quickly destroyed by feeding gills.i use a chris helm pattern the name of which escapes me.a tungsten bead head wooly worm type fly that fishes great along the weed lines.i have lots of pics on other sites this one makes it too complicated
  9. thanks cream,i've seen your carp pics and carp flies and you know your stuff.i too catch them or rather hook them when fishing for shell crackers .a brown wooly hybrid with orange rabbit and hackle tip tail with a tung bead.a baby craw in my mind any way.i feel the pickup and bam i got a tarpon on a 3wt.
  10. jcozzz


    not only a cool old fly,but a very collectible old fly.people buy these up like mad at flea markets and online.save and preserve this one it is in great shape
  11. i use leather punches for my popper bodies.hobby stores sell all kinds of brass and steel tubing.shaping the tubing is something i never thought of.i use a paper hole punch to make spider bodies.fold the foam and punch leving the fold intact.wish it wasn't such a hassle to post pics on here
  12. always thought the kink shank popper hooks were a little heavy and pricey.light aberdeens will work good with these too.
  13. like your work,i am a flea market junkie.in fact there is a guy who sells lots of this type of stuff.i cringe thinking what the original purpose of these are
  14. thanks for the pics and bruce for the vid link.nice simple durable flies my favorite
  15. you are obviously a southerner.no offense.but we still buried in the snow northerners have better luck with smaller bugs.at least i do.rarely tie anything bigger than a size 10 for sunfish.my friends on another forum from the south always ask me why i don't tie 8s or 6s.for me they don't work.for bass tho i go big
  16. nice flies and the results speak for them selves thanks for sharing
  17. Your post reminded me of this my cousin built one of these,he is a crafty devil
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