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  1. I believe it was a dry fly and spelled Betsie perhaps after the river in Michigan of the same name. Thanks for your efforts! Ken
  2. I believe it was a dry fly and spelled Betsie perhaps after the river in Michigan of the same name.
  3. I did a search and didn't come up with anything for this fly. I've seen it tied at the Trout Unlimited Fly Fishing School at Ranch Rudolf on the Boardman River in Michigan. I believe it's a great beginner fly and need a bit of direction. If anyone has any information I'd appreciate the help.
  4. Looking for impressions from those who have had a chance to use the Peak Vise LED tying light.
  5. I have been able to find australian possum dubbing, just not in hendrickson pink. Too picky? What color dubbing is good for a Hendrickson?
  6. First attempt at tying a catskill style Hendrickson for northern Michigan. As a new fly tyer I don't yet posses the experience to substitute from the "recipes". What I seem to need is Hendrickson colored australian possum. I am having trouble locating that as an individual item. I do have a couple of dispensers of Hare - Tron and Micro Fine in various colors. I would like to try the australian possum if you can give me a lead on where to purchase it in the Hendrickson pink or a reasonable substitute. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks everyone. Proper proportioning of all elements are indeed a very big challenge at this stage. I struggle with where on the hook to tie the wings since on this style fly it seems to set the stage for everything else. I seem to also end up crowding the eye by the time I am finished. What an asset this forum is!
  8. Just started tying and am happy for feed back including photographing flies for review.
  9. Looking to purchase CCG and a light but am a bit confused over which type to buy. I am a new tier and am using two part epoxy for a Copper John. Seems to stay a bit tacky. CCG has several options (thick, thin, etc.) and am looking for recommendations on which of their product/s to start with. Thanks in advance.
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