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  1. Hefty stealth bomber on a size 1 B10S for a clear, vegetation filled river. Double 30lb mono loop guards should hopefully make this pretty bulletproof in the eel grass.
  2. Happy hear to hear the smoke free train keeps on rolling, brother. My mom quit about 4 years ago now. I quit myself a couple years ago, in favor of smokeless products. Not safe, but I can breathe and have my lung capacity back.
  3. If there is a better feeling than sending a good buddy off to a far away place with a box full of your creations, and receiving photos like this in return, I’ve not felt it yet. I’m absolutely ecstatic, one of my best friends just landed his first Giant Trevally on a mash-up of fur and feathers that was in my vice just a couple weeks ago, and not a small one at that!
  4. Some Olive and Chartreuse streamers to go into the trout box!
  5. Looks good. I assume there is a good bit of weight sandwiched in there?
  6. I like it a lot. The leggy characteristic you gave it with that hackle is great.
  7. He was active on Instagram this month. Posted a couple nice flies. Looks like he visited the site in January.
  8. One of ours likes to get in the tub after you shower and clean himself with the water in the bottom. He would come running in after he heard the water stop running. Once he came darting in, cleared the tub wall, to find a nice warm bath drawn up which he was diving into head first. 😂 He is a lot more careful on his approach now.
  9. That hillmap site is cool. Will come in handy. I agree with being careful with screenshots. Some applications show coords where the cursor is constantly and some folks forget that sometimes. I like the photos though, denduke. Looks like a sweet spot you found. Nothing too revealing there either.
  10. Awesome. I do not spend much time on coastal regions, but plan to do so more. That’s a fantastic resource.
  11. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?/topic/90583-chasing-new-bass-species/ This trip back in May of 2020 was the result of reading literature to find out where to find Coosa bass, and studying OnX maps to access streams they inhabit that cross public ground. A state owned WMA gave us a safe place to park and make a 1.5 mile hike to a pristine little creek full of beautiful fish.
  12. I have less experience with this one, but an app called Fishbrain allows users to upload catches and hosts a vast library of recorded species all over the country. It can be relatively easy to check and see what species are being caught in what waters and plan accordingly. Some people have relied on un-obscured fish observations through the program “inaturalist” for this purpose as well.
  13. There are several mapping applications available that can make finding new fishing spots a breeze. OnX maps, Huntstand, Basemaps to name a few. People have been using google earth satellite images to find fishing locations for years but these apps show satellite, topographic, and hybrid layers with public/private land boundaries and owner information that may help with contacting for permission. Just wanted to put that out there if it means making fishing more accessible to anyone reading. Get out and explore some wild places!
  14. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?/topic/86781-big-catfish-and-a-broken-4wt/&tab=comments#comment-717983 http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?/topic/86270-tenkara-is-just-for-little-fish/&tab=comments#comment-709012 catfish are a blast on both fixed line and regular fly tackle.
  15. Upstate, I like the poppers. Simple, clean and effective. Same goes for those foam bugs, Philly I like those.
  16. That looks fantastic Steve! The detail in the printing and your paint work is impressive.
  17. As usual, nice tie flytire. 👍
  18. From the ages 9-13 I lived in a small neighborhood on a big lake in central Fl. “Ponderosa club” was a tight knit community of rednecks on the shores of lake George. In my family, I was the only one who fished. My grandfather took me and introduced me to it some when I was younger, but I would get home from school every day, dump my books and grab a rod and be off until dark. I was offered a fly rod that our neighbor no longer wanted around the age of 11. I remember the butt of the fly line being tied directly around the arbor of the reel. I had some flies that I had tied with guidance of members of a TU chapter at the annual Umatilla, Fl Black bear festival. Fast forward a year, several panfish and small bass on the cheap eagle claw rod and my shoddy flies, and I found myself at a 4-h sponsored tying event hosted by an orvis fly shop nestled in a carriage/horse racing museum/resort behind my grandparents home. I can vividly remember tying a wooly bugger with orange marabou, brown chenille, and grizzly hackle, while an older gentleman told me how he’d taken “everything from redfish to grayling” on that fly. I had permission to fish almost the entire lakeshore and canal front property in the neighborhood, and one older gentleman in particular saw the spark in me and decided to fan the flame. He taught me nearly everything I know about conventional bass fishing, as well as headstarting my love for fly fishing, fly tying, and lure making. His name was George Kner and he taught me the basics of casting, how to work a foam spider for big bedding bluegill in the shallows, tie a tapered leader, and eventually introduced me to his son in law, a saltwater fly guide and African big game hunter, who gifted me a basic fly tying kit from bass pro shops that year for Christmas and I haven’t looked back since. I left Florida in 2013 and returned to see George once in 2017. We would spend an hour or more on the phone at times talking about fishing. He passed away in December 2020, and man do I miss him. Undoubtedly, this forum had a big part in shaping me as a fisherman/tier as well. This has proved again and again to be a fantastic community willing and able to support newer generations journey into the sport.
  19. A couple of caddises, and a pheasant tail and starling soft hackle nymph. A few of many tied for an upcoming week in GSMNP. Great ties from everyone this month. Have enjoyed going through the previous pages.
  20. Thanks, Kimo! Look forward to seeing it.
  21. Some heavy, leech-y bugs for moving water bass and trout. Some 2s and 6s in there.
  22. Thanks, Mike. All these pics are my buddy Robb. I’ll catch something worth taking a photo with sooner or later 😁
  23. Took a rocket run up to the greater Atlanta area and met up with a new friend to chase Coosa Bass and Shoal Bass on Saturday. We started the day with a good hike to a small creek pretty far off the beaten path. Although stocked with trout by the state, it’s technically a warm water stream. You couldn’t tell, but it was. It was an odd feeling wading through schools of rainbow trout to cast to 6” Coosa bass, but the aggressive little fish were stunningly beautiful. Unfortunately they were spawning and not eating much, so I struck out. Robb managed one on a boogle big popper. Next time. Later in the day we changed spots... drastically. The new spot wasn’t so much a creek as a small river, and rather than gravely easily waded bottom, we faced huge slabs of granite bedrock. The cracks and crevices and undercuts here make perfect habitat for shoal bass. I managed a few smaller fish, including my first shoalie and my first spotted bass. Of course, the photo I took of my largest fish, a nice 10” shoalie, didn’t turn out. look forward to trying again soon!
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