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  1. Crackaig if your looking to sale it …as a antique…don't refinish it you will take away the value of it ,….then keep it as is ….or if your not going to sale it ….then do what you want to restore it and use it as a good fly tying bench …….looks good ….nice buy.

  2. Meyer 2792 ….Go to wallmart and get yourself a coffee grinder…there cheap there …and grind it all up and use the material for dubbing for nymph bodies or any fly …..you can make all kinds of different dubbing colors for cheap. You will be able to use up your waste then and still make more fliers…..Good Tying …..and Tight Lines.

  3. I bought some resin from Henry,…. and it is the best resin, I have ever used….. it's great stuff …and also Henry is a very good guy,…. my order came in no time…... and I bought the high powered light and the laser and resin too …it all works as he say's. ….Great stuff ..Henry….!!!



    I will say to anybody who is looking to buy resin and any lights to cure it you have to look up Henry he has the best stuff.


    Henry = AKA - SilverCreek



    Very satisfied……. 1# Troutfisherman

  4. I'm working on cat fur right now.

    My wife and I went camping one time with our (then) beagle, and it started pouring rain, so we had to spend the night in a tent with a wet beagle. Learned to watch the weather forecast before going anywhere with a dog.


    It would be interesting, though, to know if fish will actually go for a dog or cat fly. Steve P above has apparently caught carp with them. If the smell offends, there is the possibility of using an anise oil based odorizer. No I take that back... I don't like anise either.


    I have tried cat fur fly's for years and caught fish no problem and no smell. The fish like them (trout) do.

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