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  1. Good video ….tried a few to try,…. looks like they will catch some fish.
  2. Good idea….got to get some, thanks for the info.
  3. Thanks Silver Creek for the good info …..will have to go out and get some.
  4. Good flies…but the body's are a little thick …..they will catch fish....fish don't care.
  5. I have been using my cats (2) hair for years now and the fish love them.
  6. Looks good Jonathan….they'll catch fish for you.
  7. they look good the fish don't care they'll bite them…good job.
  8. Good Job they all will catch fish …they don't care ..its food to them ….Thumbs - up.
  9. Looks good ….it will catch fish.
  10. Don't worry it will catch fish ……like the others say it can be fine tuned a bit …..but it will work.
  11. It all depends on the fly ….. but most are around 1/2 to 3/4 shank length long.
  12. good looking flies …..they will catch fish good job.
  13. Nice looking flies……they will sure catch some fish.
  14. SilverCreek I have pm you for info on getting your uv resin and your lights and laser…..
  15. Another great looking fly …Hans
  16. Tim: As a Vet …..I want to …"Thank - You"... so much for what You and Your Wife are doing,... It is very good to have people like you two in … PA. I also want to Thank - You for the service you and your wife are doing for Disabled Veterans. Thanks and keep up the very good work that you two are doing. Doug P.S. You two will be rewarded for the very good deed your both doing.
  17. Good looking stream,….. like the ones here in Pa. nice natives,…. looks like your having fun…. I see ……thanks for the video.
  18. Who cares where the door go's ..it's all about fly tying …right. it's the opening to the ..BLACK HOLE.
  19. Very nice and clean fly ….Hans Weilenmann as always. Trout
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