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  1. You can pick it up at most any hardware store or K-Mart, Walmart and such. Just be sure and spray it outside. If you have a scrap 2X4 piece you can drill some 1/4" holes in it and stand a feather in each hole. That way you can spray a pair or a half-dozen pair all at the same time. You just leave them in the holder for a few minutes and they'll dry without sticking to each other or anything else. Doesn't have to be Krylon - any clear acrylic spray will work.





    Good idea….got to get some, thanks for the info.

  2. I've never seen scuds that look like that or tied with that material but fish it and see how it works.


    I use Sew-Ology elastic from a hobby store. It is clear elastic that is in the elastic section of the sewing departments. It is used in swim wear and underwear and is sometimes called clear swim wear or bathing suit elastic. Other companies make a similar material such as the Dritz brand that I bought at Joanne's. The Sew-Ology brand is thinner and better IMHO. I bought both to examine them.


    Here are photos of the 1/4" and 1/8 " clear Hareline Scudback.







    It is identical to Sew-Ology Clear Elastic that I bought in the sewing section of Hobby Lobby. See the photo of the package and the material below.


    Sew-Ology and Dritz brands of clear elastic





    Sew-Ology elastic 3/8" outside the package.





    You can color it with a marker to get the shade you want.



    Thanks Silver Creek for the good info …..will have to go out and get some.

  3. Tim:

    As a Vet …..I want to …"Thank - You"... so much for what You and Your Wife are doing,... It is very good to have people like you two in … PA.

    I also want to Thank - You for the service you and your wife are doing for Disabled Veterans.


    Thanks and keep up the very good work that you two are doing.




    P.S. You two will be rewarded for the very good deed your both doing.

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