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  1. Dave:


    Your Brother is lucky to have a brother like you ….I want you to tell your brother….. I wish him a quick recovery and good health, you too….because your brother needs a good guy ( brother ) like you to help him…….good job. I want you to tell your brother, he did a great job on tying those fly's…. tell him to keep up the good work …. tell him to keep some for his own... so when he gets better…. he can catch some big fish on those good fly's.


    " God Speed On His Recovery "


    Thanks for sharing your post.


    All the Best …..Troutfisherman

  2. because I am a stupid newbie who has never even tried to tie on anything smaller than 10. I just got somec12s today so I will be going down a size next fly


    Hey…KOKOEK9…... Don't down yourself, about being a newbie ,…because all of us on this forum at one time or another were newbies also, even if they don't want to admit it ….this is what this forum is for …to get information and answers about tying fly's, or just talking about fly tying and fishing. ….. " The old saying go's practice makes perfect " …… good luck - you will be tying 20's in no time …….KOKOEK9

  3. What size ..PT nymph…are you tying ….if it's a size 14 or smaller, I use six fibers, and I tie the tail and abdomen and then the wing case and also the legs too, all with the same six fibers …..like they say you should use longer fibers mine are about a inch long or a little smaller ….I also use a gold bead too…..ok... KOKOEK9

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