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  1. I have to admit I have used mine for splinters, too. And for putting those little screws back in my glasses. steve
  2. Freddo, Actually, I was losing small hooks, etc. in the carpeting, too. So, two reasons to eliminate it. steve
  3. My we never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice so we can be free. steve
  4. Hi Steve .. I use my magnifying lamp "glass" too at times but always the light. (???) Question: In your setup, why the carpet pad to the right of your tying station. I'm compiling images of stations I like and wondering about the carpet's use. (???) Thanks Freddo, I made my tying station from a set of cutting boards and was having a problem with them slipping on the surface of the desk. I thought a piece of carpet would help ...it didn't. I have since removed the carpet and replaced it with this "Rug grip" material. It works. Thanks, steve
  5. The only factory in Remington, other than the grain elevator, that I remember was a marble plant SE of town. And that was when I was a kid, so don't know what it is now. I remember floating the Tippecanoe with my father, and he used to float it with my uncle when they were young men. I think the last time I was on it was probably about ten years ago. I was supposed to float Sugar Creek in C'ville with my cousin but got rained out. steve
  6. Welcome to the forum, rstaight. Lafayette, IN is my hometown. My parents came from Remington, IN. What industry is in Remington, now? There wasn't much there when I was visiting as a kid; a very small farming community. As I recall, the Tippecanoe river is a great smallmouth river. I also remember the Wildcat creek. steve, aka spm
  7. I purchased the Simms guide boot a year ago and I passed on the BOA system mainly because I wasn't willing to pay extra for something that had, at the time, mixed reviews. As was previously stated, I can replace a bootlace pretty easily. Now, does my fishing buddy with the BOA system boot up more quickly, than I? yes. Everything has a price, I guess. steve
  8. Since this thread has resurfaced, I'll add my $.02 worth. My eyes aren't anywhere near where they used to be. I bought the lighted magnifying glass at Michael's hobby store for about $25.00 five or six years ago. I'm sure it costs more, now. I use it for all my tying. steve
  9. Great looking rod, as always. Love the "Stealth" look. steve
  10. Steve, I don't know a VC10 from a guppy, but those are some beautiful fish; really vibrant colors. These are freshwater, right? Looks great! steve
  11. Great job, Steve. The fish really do pop, now. steve
  12. Having never cast a Sage, I can't comment on their quality other than what I have read. They certainly have a large following. Anyone who owns one of your rods would have to agree that your quality would be far above the standard Sage rod. And a reduced-price, custom-built rod on a Sage blank would represent an incredible value. But to your question; no, I would not be interested for no other reason than I couldn't afford it even at your reduced prices. But, I'm probalby not your target demographic; retired with not a lot of excess cash laying aound. Watever you decide, I wish you the best of luck. steve
  13. spm

    9ft 4wt 4pc

    Absolutely gorgeous, Steve. I love the color combination. Very classy is an understatement. steve
  14. Nice looking rod. Blue and gold always seem to go together, regardless of the team. steve
  15. Wow. It's a shame the tank didn't work out. I know you put in a lot of work in it. The room and desk with the new tank look awesome. The whole room could be featured in Garden & Gun magazine. steve
  16. Nice looking, Steve. I've not seen you do this color blank. I like it. steve
  17. I like the green on green. Probably too pretty to use on carp. steve
  18. Aw, man. Now I'm humgry. s.
  19. Yup, definitely want leave room for them. Sound awesome. But then, I don't think I've ever met a cookie I didn't like. steve
  20. Steve, that is an incredible accomplishment. Heartiest congratulations to you. steve
  21. Great looking rod, as usual. I like the black and gold ...Univ of Missouri. Go Mizzou! steve
  22. Welcome to the forum, Steph. I've never seen a glossary. I'm kind of a beginner, too and I sometimes have to scratch my head. Then I google it and usually figure it out. steve
  23. Great looking room. I like that decor era, too. steve
  24. My world, exactly. Many times I'm standing in the stream tying a tippet and just when I think I have it tied, I look down and not only is the knot not tied, I no longer have the tippet in my fingers. steve
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