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  1. I agree with Mike; I like the titanium reel seat. I didn't like them at first. Being more old-school, I liked wood, and exotic wood was even better. But the high-tech look is growing on me. Nice looking rod, Steve. steve
  2. Nice article. Congratulations, Steve. steve
  3. Wow!. I can see where the wraps would take a lot of time. It's beautiful, Steve. steve
  4. Classic colors are olive body with black marabou tail and black hackle. I have reversed that, and have also tied them all olive or all black. I met a fellow on the stream once who was using a black body and hackle with a red marabou tail and doing it succesfully, so who knows? My small streams generally call for a size 12-14. I like to strip them across current or through a pocket. Good luck steve
  5. It's a positive problem, but I understand about taking a breath. Glad the business is doing well. steve
  6. Good attitude. So, does blood on the fly make the it illegal for fly-only water? steve
  7. I thought I would replenish my supply of wooly buggers for my Wyoming/Colorado trip this summer. Like most tiers, I've tied woolly buggers for years, so I decided I didn't need to refer back to the recipe. Well, it was a disaster. The first fly off the vise was a mess; everything was wrong. While tearing it apart, and cursing myself for a fool, I bumped my trash box and everything went flying ...feathers, yarn, marabou, lead wire, thread. As I started cleaning that up, something got in my nose and I started sneezing. Couldn't stop for several minutes. Finally began to retie the fly, using the recipe this time, and immediately stabbed myself with the hook. Then I stabbed myself with my scissors. I think I'm finished for today. steve
  8. Congratulations, Steve. I am also now smoke-free, and I too quit cold turkey. Good for you! steve
  9. Plus one on the wine cork. Holds 3-4 at a time, and they come free with a bottle of wine. steve
  10. for me as a kid, it was, the "Consumer's Distributing". catalog. I looked up Consumer Dist. We had something similar with a showroom in front and whse behind, but for the life of me, I can't remember the name. steve
  11. I have always been a catalog (Paper) junkie. As a kid, I would leaf through the Sears Roebuck catalog, circling the things I wanted. That's right; Sears & ROEBUCK. And now you know how old I am. steve
  12. Ha! Good one, Mike. Say that ten times real fast. steve
  13. Welcome from Missouri, USA. Lots of people willing to help on here. steve, aka spm
  14. Welcome from MO. Lots of good information and helpful people here. steve, aka spm
  15. Not being a salmon fisherman, I can't speak to the design, but it is a good looking fly, and looks to be well-tied. steve
  16. Welcome from Columbia, MO Lots of helpful people on here. steve, aka spm
  17. Great story, flytire. I'm still laughing out loud. I may have told this story before. There was this really cute conservation officer driving by the gravel bar just as I was wading in. I turned to give her a wave and my most charming smile, tripped over my own feet and went face first into the drink. She just smiled and waved as she drove on by. s.
  18. spm

    7' 5 wt bamboo rod

    Beautiful rod. Your father should be proud. steve
  19. Hello, HoosierCricks from a former Hoosier. I grew up in Lafayette IN, fishing the Wildcat and Wea "Cricks". Now live in mid-Missouri. Welcome to the forum. steve, aka spm
  20. Merry Christmas to you, too, Terje. And to everyone here. steve
  21. Very nice, Steve. I like it almost as much as the glass rod you built for me. heh, heh. s.
  22. Welcome from Missouri, flyman23. This is a good place for information. I know; they have helped me a lot. steve, aka spm
  23. Hi Steve, Welcome from Mid-MO; almost neighbors. Lots of good people on here. steve, aka spm
  24. I like the blue on the steel grey, as well, and the gold really pops. Beautiful, as always, Steve. steve
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