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  1. spm

    8'6" 3wt

    Very nice, Steve. s.
  2. It might be in the play book ... but since no one in 'Bama knows how to read, they won't use it. Ha! s.
  3. Is this the formation Bama is going to use this weekend against MIZZOU? s.
  4. Ha! Ditto on the tangled mess. steve
  5. Welcome from Missouri. I lived in Boca Raton for a while, so I understand about the snowbirds and developers. steve aka, spm
  6. Pheasant hunting with my father. My father owned his own shop and worked six days a week. It was illegal to hunt on Sundays, so we would go out on Thanksgiving morning while my mother prepared the traditional meal. I looked forward to it every year ...being in the field with my dad. steve
  7. I agree. It was my first choice. Then I started thinking, which seldom leads to good results. steve
  8. I like the posture of the fisherman better in the top picture. I also like the lighting in the top picture. However, I like the way the line pays out in the bottom picture. It is more visible and parallels the mud bank at the waterline, thereby accentuating both. But, maybe the posture of the fisherman in the bottom picture depicts concentration, making it the better picture, overall. I know, not much help. steve
  9. Welcome, troutpounder. You're right, this is a good forum. Lots of good people will to help. spm
  10. Right. When I lived in SoFla, we blamed everyone north of us, which was pretty much everyone, for the cold weather. steve
  11. spm

    6'6" 2wt SHX

    Very understated. I like it. steve
  12. Welcome to the forum. Good people and information, here. steve
  13. Great looking, as always. Love the wraps! steve
  14. Welcome to the forum, Jake. And welcome back to tying. Lots of good people and information on here. spm
  15. Uh, pretty darn good, if you ask me. s.
  16. I took a page from the manufacturer's playbook, when you buy a complete set of dubbing, and found an old Plano compartment box (Left) and drilled holes in the bottom.
  17. Beautiful, as always, Steve. s.
  18. Welcome to the forum. Lots of good people and information, here. spm
  19. Welcome to the forum, Volunteer. spm
  20. I use Orvis videos all the time, but didn't know they had an app. I'll have to try it. Thanks fornthe tip. I do have "The Fly Fishing Encyclopedia" app on my phone. steve
  21. Bonjour, and welcome. Lots of good people and information, here. spm
  22. I am usually an understated kind of guy, but Holy cow! this is beautiful, Steve. Mike is right; definitely centerfold material. steve
  23. spm

    6'6" 2wt SHX

    Very nice. Very understated. s.
  24. Welcome from Missouri, USA.
  25. I can second Mike's recommendation. I have one of Steve's rods and can attest that his work is top-notch, and Steve is a class guy. steve p.s. Steve, don't take it personally. Parents can be a pain in the neck. Just ask my children. s.
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