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  1. I'd like to thank you and Henry Hoffman. I did just what you show and love it. Had a cork sitting on the bench that fit perfect with no messing around, drove the bobbin thru to make a track for a needle and now I can pop cork off easily with one hand while holding hackle guard in place and put that dab on that's probably not needed anyway but makes us feel better. Agreed. I just got back from the hobby store with corks and needles. spm
  2. Never thought otherwise, steeldrifter. Nor do I think anyone who knows you and has done business with you would think so. spm
  3. Beautiful. Very nostalgic. Love the wraps! s.
  4. planettrout, Who's box is this? Yeah, I know it's yours, but ... Never mind. I found it. thanks steve
  5. planettrout, Who's box is this? Yeah, I know it's yours, but ...
  6. Where is the post that says to melt Albolene? Why? - To put it into a smaller container? Melt before applying to fly? I think Albolene is a mineral oil-petroleum based compound that melts at skin temperature so melting it in hot water will not change it chemically. Uhhh, I know I read that somewhere, but for the life of me, I don't remember where. Obviously, it wasn't here. I may have just googled it. Oh, well. You answered my question, and I thank you. I promise I won't dredge this up, again. Going back to sleep, now. steve
  7. I know you're all going to hate me for this, so I'll apologize up up front for dragging this dead horse out, again, but I have another question. First, I tried both, the "Naptha/wax dope" and the "Albolene". I think the Albolene lasted longer on the fly than the dope. Anyway, my question is why do I have to melt the Albolene? Does it change the molecular structure of the product? Could I just use it as it comes out of the jar? Yeah, I know; that was three questions. Thanks for putting up with me on this. steve
  8. And no response from GCO ...again. I am a relative newcomer to this forum and even I see the numerous posts complaining about GCO customer service, and not receiving merchandise that was ordered. I was in retailing my entire career, and this is not how a legitimate company operates. spm
  9. I have to admit, when I saw the first photo, I thought hmmm, that's kind of rough. Then I paged down and saw the transformation and thought, wow! Very nice job; way above my skill level. steve
  10. I had just asked if anyone had heard from you, thinking you should be home about now. Good pics. Keep them coming. And welcome home. s.
  11. Anyone heard from steeldrifter? I wonder how his trip is going. s.
  12. Seems like every year, I have one string of Christmas lights that don't work. I save the string and strip the wire out. I must have several years worth of wire. spm
  13. Welcome from your Missouri neighbor.
  14. Update: I teamed this rod with a Pflueger Trion reel and Cortland Sylk and just took it on it's maiden voyage on the Current river. Great looking rod, and I really like the way it casts; very smooth, very easy. Caught some rainbows and a couple browns so, as a bonus, it was pre-programmed to catch fish! Yeah, I know ...no pictures, but my taking a camera on the stream is a sure recipe for disaster. Thanks for a great rod, Steve. steve
  15. Yes, it's clear. I made the first batch and used four candles instead of the one that Mike said. My theory being that if a little is good, a lot is better. I mean it works with bacon, right? It came out cloudy. I redid it using ONE TEA CANDLE, and can you believe it? It came out clear. Thanks, Mike. Next time I'll follow your instructions more carefully. steve
  16. Unfortunately, it can be on opening day. Doesn't look like fun to me, but for some, it's an annual tradition. s.
  17. I was just there last week. There is a spot in zone 2 that has a little slough flowing into the main current. Flip a common fur bug (They will have tem at the lodge) or hairs ear under a strike indicator and let the current take. You don't have to cast more than 10 feet. In fact you can catch fish swimming behind other anglers. Good luck. s.
  18. I have never heard of this, which doesn't really mean anything. I love DIY stuff. But, how much is "Some white gas"? Can you give some specifics? Thanks, spm
  19. spm

    Fly wallet

    Kinda what I thought. I bought mine because of nostalgia. Thought it looked cool; didn't like it on the stream. Looks nice sitting on the shelf, though. s.
  20. spm

    Fly wallet

    Does anyone use/like sheepskin fly wallets? I have one and have never really used it. Seems like it might bend the hackles. Opinions? spm
  21. Looks great, Steve. I really like the way the colors turned out. Can't wait to get it on the water. Thanks, steve
  22. Good post. Brings back lots of memories of fishing with my dad. Thanks, s.
  23. Nevermind, I found it. DOH!
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