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  1. How can I change the number of pages displayed? I've noticed that older posts disappear. Thanks, spm
  2. Good questions. I've learned a lot just from this post. Thanks, s.
  3. Welcome to another Show Me member. Columbia, MO, here. Lots of good information here. I've learned a lot in my short time as a member. s.
  4. Thanks for all the responses. I never watched him load his box, so don't know how he did it. Shouldn't be this difficult, but then, I tend to over-think everything. I just finished transfering my dry flies back into the plastic compartment box. steve
  5. I have always used the simple plastic boxes with separate comparments. A friend showed me his C&F Designs fly box with the slitted foam strips and I liked the way it held the flies from blowing away on the stream. So, I bought a couple. Here's my question: Has anyone noticed that the delicate hackles, tails, etc. get bent up when inserting the flies into the foam slits? Am I just not loading the box correctly? Thanks, steve
  6. Well, for those of you who live close to Sugar Creek, you know that last week was rainy and cold. When we got there and the river was up, fast, and muddy. The guide agreed that he would just be taking us on a boat ride. Had to cancel and will reschedule for another day. Disappointing but that's baseball. spm
  7. Being a beginning tyer, I was trying to tie a lot of different patterns. I finally settled down and have been concentrating on the classics that work on my local waters. Seems to make sense. spm
  8. Yeah, I know they will supply the flies and appreciate your recommendation of them. With my tendancy to over-pack and over-think everything (Probably a character flaw), I thought I would take some of my own. Thanks, steve
  9. Crawfordsville, IN. is where we meet the guide. The outfitter I'm using is Wildcat Creek Outfitters. s.
  10. I am fishing Sugar Creek in Indiana next week. What would be the top flies for smallmouth bass in a stream? So far I have: Crayfish Clouser Minnow Wooly Bugger Other ideas? Thanks, spm
  11. A guide turned me on to this years ago and I've use one ever since, as not only do my fingers not work the way they used to, neither do my eyes. I've only used it to tie the fly to the tippet. I knew it had other applications, but never used them. Good video. Thanks, steve
  12. Crackaig, Where can you get a split bamboo for $120? s.
  13. Another Mad Magazine fan, I see. Or as my father used to call it; "Inappropriate reading material". Seriously, great imagination shown here, by everyone. s.
  14. Was the bottom of the stream rocky? Could the lead have taken you down into the rocks more and that's what tore up the fly? Just thinking out loud. s.
  15. You do nice work. I like the little finishing details. I would also like to see pics of the finished product. s.
  16. I have an Anvil Atlas. It ties as well as I can which, now that I think about it, may not be a sterling recommendation. Seriously, it's moderately priced, and it works just fine. s.
  17. SO, THAT'S MY PROBLEM?! I need to find some right-hand-wrapped rods. Now I have a reasonable explanation when I bring home that new fly rod. Thanks, MIke. steve
  18. I seldom carry a net, anymore. I use the "Ketchum release" and release the fish without even touching it. Cabela's, BPS, Orvis; pretty much everyone carrys them. And yes, if I were to catch that trophy, I might regret not having a net, just to get that picture, but that hasn't happened, yet. http://www.orvis.com/store/product.aspx?pf_id=230Y&adv=127748&cm_mmc=plas-_-FlyFishing-_-230Y-_-127748&kpid=230Y-00-51 s.
  19. Good discussion, here. I currently have a pair of Orvis waders, Clearwater, I think. They were the least expensive they had at the time. I have had them for about 7 years and no problems. The main reason I bought them was because they were offered in "Short". So, I guess what I'm saying is I agree with ditz2's comment about buy what fits. If Cabela's or BPS had offered waders in lengths, I would have bought them. s.
  20. Actually, those look very fishable. I've fished much worse looking flies. s.
  21. I'll add mine to this. I have a grey tabby cat and have used his fur tying. s.
  22. Don't feel like you're the only person to ever do this. I recently learned that I had been doing the same thing. s.
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