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  1. ditz2, East central Indiana? I'm originally from Lafayette, IN. I used to fish the Wildcat creek and the Tippecanoe river. My story is similalr; got away from the sport while working and rasing a family. Now recently retired and getting back into it. We have some really nice spring-fed streams here in Missouri in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, managed by the National Park Service. The Current river is my favorite; cold and clear. I have also learned more in the past months than previously. You can find a youtube for almost anything, anymore. I still lose a number of flies every time I'm on the water, but I can replace them now. My glass rod is also a Heddon 8ft 7wt. steve
  2. I had to fight my brother for the bamboo rod. I believe the rod is from the 1930s and my mother had bought it for him as an anniversary present. My father always used an automatic reel (Yes, I still have that, too) because he didn't think he could handle a manual one and have all the line dangling in the water. This is the first fly rod I caught a fish with as a kid. It was a little sunfish and I was so excited, I hit the retrieve lever and reeled the fish all the way to the rod tip. steve
  3. I like this thinking. If you have an idea ... s.
  4. ditz2, Good thouights. Beadheads ticking the rod? You must have been watching me the last time I was on the stream ...every time, for that matter. My father gave me my first fly rod, when I was a kid, and it is glass (Yes, I still have it). That's probably how most of us received our first fly rod. Over the years, I have moved into graphite, again as many probably have. This discussion makes me want to get that old rod out and see if it still knows how to catch fish. I've been wanting a 3wt rod lately. Maybe a glass rod would be a good idea for that. And yes, "Old folks, joints, tendons, and muscles" are involved with me, as well. BTW, I also have my father's split bamboo rod from the 30s. And it does still know how to catch fish. Thanks again for the thoughts, steve
  5. spm

    wire size

    Found this on another forum: Every Christmas season, I usually have one string of lights that I have to replace. Last year I saved the bad string and have been canabalizing it as needed. I have several years worth of copper wire in that one string. s.
  6. That's what I needed. Thanks, s.
  7. Steeldrifter, You may have covered this elsewhere, and if so, I appologize for bringing it up again, but what are the advantages of glass over graphite and graphite over glass? Thanks, steve btw, the rods are beautiful.
  8. Never heard about that. Sounds like a great product. Certainly easier to carry. Thanks for the tip. steve
  9. spm

    Elk Hair Caddis

    One last comment; I also realized I was wrapping the wire backwards, and not counter wrapping it ...DOH! All is well, now. Thanks, again to everyone. steve
  10. I may be too late, but Cabela has neoprene boots. Try this link. http://www.cabelas.com/product/Cabelas-3mm-Neoprene-Wading-Socks-with-Built-In-Gaiters/732882.uts?Ntk=AllProducts&searchPath=%2Fcatalog%2Fsearch%2F%3FN%3D%26Ntk%3DAllProducts%26Ntt%3Dwading%2Bboots%26Ntx%3Dmode%252Bmatchallpartial%26WTz_l%3DHeader%253BSearch-All%2BProducts%26form_state%3DsearchForm%26recordsPerPage%3D60%26search%3Dwading%2Bboots%26searchTypeByFilter%3DAllProducts%26x%3D0%26y%3D0&Ntt=wading+boots&WTz_l=Header%3BSearch-All+Products
  11. spm

    Elk Hair Caddis

    Good video, flytire. I see what I've been doing wrong; my hackle wraps are too close together, leaving no room for the wire. Duh! Thanks, steve
  12. spm

    Hook Help

    I couldn't even see a size 32 hook. steve
  13. spm

    Elk Hair Caddis

    Thanks for all the responses. They were all helpful. I loved Chris Sandford's video and I also had to watch the whole thing. I'm going to try all the suggestions: Not worrying about it and continue tying them w/o wire, but will try to tie them in by the tip. Wrapping quickly. Wrapping with 180 degree turns to check. I've always tried to be scrupulous about matching the hackle to the hook, so will try a smaller hackle. And last but not least the folded feather technique. That is so cool, I may try that for other flies. Again, thanks for all the suggestions. steve
  14. Every recipe I read for the EHC calls for gold wire counter-wrapped to lock in the hackle. Regardless how careful I am, moving the wire back and forth, I seem to mat down the hackle fibers more than I would like. Am I being too picky or is there a trick to this? Is there any reason why I couldn't tie this without the wire? I realize the fly might not be as sturdy. I've been trying tying the hacke in at the back of the hook and wrapping it forward. The only difference I notice is that the hacke fibers point slightly forward. Is this a problem? Thanks for the help, steve
  15. spm

    Braided leader

    I hought that was what they meant in the instructions, but had started questioning myself. Thanks for all the responses. steve
  16. spm

    Braided leader

    Yes Soooo, why does Orvis include it in the package?
  17. spm

    Braided leader

    I noticed another member recently asked about tapered leaders and received several responses suggesting using a furled leader and I didn't want to jack his topic, but it prompted a question of my own. I use the Orvis braded leaders and they come with a tapered monofiliment leader. So, I attach the braded leader to my fly line and the mono to the braided, right? Then, to save the tapered mono I have been adding an additional short tippet to that. Is this the correct way to tie this leader? And does a furled leader perform the same function as the Orvis braided leader? Thanks for the help. steve
  18. Thanks for all the replies and welcomes. I'm looking forward to learning a lot from everyone. s.
  19. Well, right now I'm pretty tired of winter, so ... Actually, moved here from SoFla about 10 yrs ago. s.
  20. Only a "True Columbian" would know about Shakespeare's. I'll save you a slice, next time I'm there.
  21. Thanks. Yes, it is. It's a couple hours to get there from Columbia, but it is worth the drive. s.
  22. Just found this forum and have been trolling it for a few days. Have already picked up some good tips. I have been in and out of flytying over the years, but since I am now retired I hope to spend more time tying and fishing. I guess my home water would be the Current River in the Missouri Ozarks. Best of luck in the new year to all. spm
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