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    Thanks Crackaig, Good to see he is doing well. I always enjoyed his videos and SBS's
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    Does anyone know what happen to Hans Weilenmann? He posted so many good SBS pics and videos for so many years and had a good website but it's been about 2 years since he has posted anything on the internet.Just wondering what happen to him?
  3. Just wondering what happen to Hans W? His website has not been update for some time and not seen much of him on the various forums recently. I always enjoy seeing and tying his patterns.
  4. I think it is a combination of flash and weight, both of which can be very helpful on any given day. I don't tie the exact CJ as it have to many steps. But I tie a similar simpler fly with wire wrap in multiple colors, black tungsten bead and a small bit of dubbing with flash surrounding the bead to hide the bead and give it some movement and a pheasant for tail. It sinks like a rock and is bright for sure and it has done me well.
  5. Hi, I’d like to get a macro lens for a Nikon DSLR I have, I’m not familiar with macro photography so would like to get some feedback from anyone here on what lens you use for nice macro shots of flies? What should I look for in a lens spec’s other than is stating it’s a macro lens? I’d like to get nice very close up shots, something along the quality of Han’s pics for example.
  6. Ok so it sounds like everyone is still using a plastic sheet of some kind even with resin. Then coating the resin over both the plastic and wire
  7. I am getting ready to tie up some scuds with Silver Creeks resin for the backing instead of using clear plastic sheet. Wanted some feedback if anyone has used it for scuds. Do you apply the resin over the dubbing then wrap wire over hardened resin? Or do you wrap wire around dubbing then apply resin over both the wire and dubbing?
  8. Hi, How small flies can the micro slits in the foam on the lid of this box hold?
  9. I really like those C&F boxes but they are SO expensive I can't bring my self to get one yet....I am sure I will eventually, but they are hard to find. A few fly shops have told me they don't like carrying CF stuff because it's hard to get from Japan. I did buy a pack of the CF threaders and those things are GREAT
  10. I like those magnetic ones PT, who makes them? Seems like a simple option.
  11. What boxes do you guys use for size 20 and smaller flies? I am starting to tie a lot of small stuff for this winter and it seems difficult to store 26, 24, 22's in slit foam style boxes. I was thinking of using a magnetic compartment style boxes for these little guys. I wanted to see if anyone has a tiny midge box they like?
  12. Hi, What is the red hackle? looks like Whitings red CDL?
  13. Hi, The link to the pattern is not working. I'd love to know how you tied the wing? and material used? Great looking fly.
  14. Hi, Did the flymph forum go down? All I get is a white error page
  15. Thanks I will log in then
  16. I have been tying and researching flymphs and came across the flymphforum and their facebook page but it looks like they have not been active for years. Does anyone know what happen to the forum? It is still up but no post for many years.
  17. Regarding the Indian hen hackle. I prefer for all my wet and dry hackle to only buy Whiting product for several reasons. First, as the recent flyfishfood survey concluded Whiting is the the most cost effective dry hackle product, I suspect that if a similar survey was done on wet hackle the result would be silimar. Second I believe Whiting makes the best most consistant hackle product in the world wet or dry. I have in the past purchased some generic indian hen and it was complete garbage. Third, I respect what Tom Whiting has done for the fly fishing hackle industry in the last 20 years and I'd like to support his business. Dr Whiting has really taken hackle production to a new level that no one else can replicate. I understand that others make good, perfectly usable hackle, but if you want the best.... its WHITING.
  18. I’ve been buying Whiting Red Label hen capes for some time and been very happy with them, I am looking at getting some Whiting Brahma hen capes for some color variety and the Braham capes are much cheaper. Has anyone used both and can elaborate on the differences between the two? I am using for soft hackle/wet flies.
  19. Outstanding write up, very informative, thanks Cheech
  20. Thanks, I will try a few methods and see how they work, that part of the fun. I have learned a lot from cheech videos and his web site so I know his methods always work for me. My goal is to tie some small tight flashy bugs with a flashy thorax thats a different color and the thorax being a little teased out.
  21. Thanks for the feeback everyone
  22. Has anyone used Hare-Ice and SLF Prism and can speak to how they compare?
  23. Hi, I am looking for a flashy ICE type dub that will dub OK down to 20. Something similar to Hare-Ice that I am familiar with. Anyone have any suggestions on the flashiest stuff that will dub down to the smallest sizes best? I was looking at SLF Prism, anyone familiar with how it dubs down to 20 or so? Thanks!
  24. How does placing dog/cat flea collar in a ziplok with the feathers work? How long in bag with collars?
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    SLF Dubbing

    Thanks for the info!
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