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  1. Hmmm . . .didn't think about zonkers. I was only thinking about using it for dubbing. I guess I'll reserve a bit for that. This will actually be my first attempt at using dubbing that didn't come from a pack. Should I just get a pinch, cut it close and make a noodle? Is it necessary to blend? I haven't found a coffee grinder cheap enough for me to get yet since I only used the dubbing from packs, AND I saw how compressed air mixing and water mixing were an option if necessary. Suggestions or preferences?
  2. Well, we got into our annual January cleaning and my wife found two single gloves. Her losing a glove means new materials for me to tie with. I now have a leather glove with a mink cuff (yes, it's real) and another black glove made from 50% angora, 30% wool and 20% nylon (according to the tag). What should I tie first? Anyone have experience with these items?
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