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  1. ecberr

    Allen fly fishing

    I heard back from Allen today and it sounds like they had some technical issues the last couple of weeks. It appears that they are going above and beyond to make me feel like a valued customer. Thanks guys
  2. ecberr

    Allen fly fishing

    It's been 15 days, I've sent 2 emails, and left 2 voice messages with no response from them. Phone calls go to voicemail after a couple of minutes on hold. Mike, will you share the email address you used to communicate with Allen?
  3. ecberr

    Allen fly fishing

    Thanks for the replies folks, I'm glad to hear that they are a decent company. My experience with them thus far has been lackluster. Perhaps they are backed up. I ordered a rod almost 2 weeks ago, and the order is still listed as awaiting fulfillment. Efforts to reach them via phone haven't been successful, and my emails haven't been returned. I had hoped to have this rod by trout season opening day(this Sunday) since I broke the tip section of my 5wt last fall. Shame on me for waiting til the last minute to order it. Thanks, P.S. the Procrastinators Anonymous meeting has been postponed til next week.
  4. Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with ordering products from Allenflyfishing.com Thanks, Ed
  5. I love your work. great tying, great photos, great writeup. Keep it up.
  6. I am very impressed with the fly swap. The value of my streamer supply has increased greatly. kudos to everyone and thank you for your patience when I didn't make the deadline. Thanks Kevin for hosting.
  7. I'm almost done, please send your address, and Ill let you know when they are in the mail. Thanks
  8. Hi folks, sorry to say I am behind on the swap. If i had known I was going to be this busy, I would not have joined. I will try to finish this weekend. -Ed
  9. +1 I bought this reel last year and I'm very satisfied with it.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I can't believe i didn't search the net for maine fishing forums, I too think Ill have more luck going that route. takemefishing.org is pretty good too, I like their map. Thanks
  11. Hi folks. I will be headed to harpswell, Maine soon, and i'd like to throw a line in the ocean for the first time. I'm wondering if there is anyone from the area on the forum that could point out some spots to try. I will have to fish from shore as I do not have a boat. Thanks -ed
  12. I don't fish salt yet...but I think some who do, use crab and sand eel patterns. Use your imagination.
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