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  1. Thanks FIN-ITE 34 I'll check it out.
  2. Good day to all my fellow tiers. I have a question for all of you. While doing some reorganization of my dubbing boxes last night, I came across some dubbing that I almost forgot about but I used to use it quite frequently. Years ago there were two different dubbing sets by the same manufacturer called Masterblend and Natureblend. This was a fantastic dubbing and the quality of the fur and colors is great. Does anyone know if this is still made or maybe under a different name? Thanks for any help!!
  3. I bought my first regal (medallion) about 1982 and it is sill going strong. About 2 years ago I bought the Revo and I love it to. I've tried other vises but none ever appealed to me. I have the traditional jaws in both and tie everyhthing from #28 midges to 6/0 Salmon flies. I would own anything else. I tie professionally and commercially probably putting out 18,000 flies a year.
  4. RC. Where did you find the "simple" whip finisher in your photo. I've been using one for years and would like to have a few spares. Tx
  5. Like Mikechell said. I don't tie beaheads anymore. I find the bead is sometimes to heavy for the water I fish. What I do is carry a packet of various sizes of beads in my shirt and if I want a beadhead, I'll slip a bead on my tippet before I tie on the fly. This way I have more control over the weight of the fly. Also, it simplifies my tying - I don't have to have a BH Pheasant tail and a regular pheasant tail, only need to tie one fly instead of two.
  6. It looks a little to small to be comfortable and I would not recommend black as a color of choice. Something in a lighter shade will help with "contrast" while tying flies.
  7. Try looking at Mad River Dubbing Company in New York. They have good quality dubbing plus a lot of other items.
  8. I agree with Flytire. I tie mine on a 1xl tmc hook and start just into the bend.
  9. I have the same problem with the fly data base!!!
  10. GOATS: I did, but it was my right wrist. But the doctor back then set the cast so I could hold a rifle for deer hunting but afterwards I took a dunk in a stream running by trap line for coons (lol). Seriously though, that's just the way I learned to do things. Plus when I do tying lessons I can teach anyone no matter if they are right of left handed. I've actually tied with a student setting directly across the table from them tying right handed but backwards so they could actually see what I was doing. I still haven't been able to get my "quotes" button to work properly!
  11. Unfortunately I'm on the other end of the spectrum. Being a guide, I need to tie a lot of flies and different patterns. It is amazing at the differences of the same fly on different streams. Take the BWO - I probably have about 10 different patterns to cover the color and size difference from stream to stream. Plus I have to cover the whole range of styles from nymphs, streamers, dries, wets etc. since my trips are tailored to what my client like to fish. On the average, I'd say I tie 400 different patterns and over 300 dozen flies a year not counting the custom tying for customers. All this just for trout and I personally fish for every freshwater species
  12. I'm a lefty also but I'm kind of screwed up a bit (LOL). Here are my some of my habits: Things I do lefty: Write, eat, pass a football, shoot a gun, use power tools, shovel snow. Things I do righty: shoot a bow, throw a baseball, play guitar, use the computer mouse. Things I do both ways: Tie flies, cast a rod, throw a Frisbee, As far as tying, the vise should always be on your non-dominant side.
  13. THURSTHOUSE. You won't be the only ones on the stream that will look completely lost!!! LOL. Good Luck and maybe see you there. Remember the Sulphurs will be coming of at that time also.
  14. I should have mentioned earlier to check with taxidermists in your area. They always have some left overs when they do a mount. Also, I'm not afraid to admit it, but road kills are a good source as long as it's legal in your state. If you see a squirrel dead along the road - the tail is fair game. if it has just been hit and is in good condition, I throw it in the truck and skin it out at home and cure it with Borax. This takes some work but you can find a lot of fur and feathers along the road. If I'm out guiding and see some turkey feathers, they go right in my pack. I'm not ashamed to admit that I do scavenge but I do have a ton of material and some that you can't by from stores.
  15. The best place to look is at garage sales or check the classifieds in the paper. Even call some local auctioneers in your area and tell them what you're looking for and they can call you when something comes up at one of their auctions. Also ask some of your friends if they know of anyone that ties that is getting rid of there stock. Sometimes you may find a deal on Ebay. Don't get to dishearten in your search. You have to realize that those of us that tie professionally have been tying for years (44 years for myself) and we bought what we could afford as we went along and accumulated our materials. It just takes some time to do it since it is so expensive. I know that this was not much help, but just keep plugging away and eventually you will have a great supply.
  16. You can still post pics from your iPhone
  17. You can certainly use it from craft stores. The only thing is that the size range (thickness) is going to be limited. W. W. Doak & Sons in New Brunswick sells chenille by the skein (72yards) for $15 Canadian (13.50 usd). They have a great selection of materials if you don't mind ordering from Canada. I get a lot of materials from them especially for Salmon Flies.
  18. THURSTHOUSE. you're welcome. I don't know when you are planning to go, but the Drakes should be starting around Memorial Day and last for about a week or so. It may be a little later this year because of the very cold weather we have been having. I'll be there 27th-30th camping at Poe Paddy State Park then following it up the Delaware into New York. Any large white colored fly tied as a spinner would do well for you also. The Dette Coffin Fly that PHG gave a link to is a pretty good imitation. Good luck to you!!!
  19. A lot of times on Penns you'll find the sulphur hatch in full swing. Most times I'll use the #12 sulphur spinner instead of the coffin fly. If you've never fished that hatch, you are in for a treat. It will look like a snow blizzaed at time. The flies will start to appear shortly after dusk and continue for hours. Good Luck
  20. Get it before it goes. Never pass up a deal like that. If you don't want it, PM me and let me know where it is and I'll buy it sight unseen. I once bought a box of fly fishing book at a garage sale one for $25 and one of the books was worth $400.00
  21. Try Feather-Craft or J. Stockard. They both have a great selection
  22. MVENDON. I agree that in this day and age he needs to bring his internet up to speed instead of relying on the phone and answering machine. Sometimes it is hard to get a hold of him BUT he always calls me back. He has never told me that he wasn't going to look for a specific color. I guess that being older, his "customer service" is what he was brought up with and I don't foresee him changing his old habits. Charlie has always treated me well. As far a the dye job, I haven't had an issue with that. I'm in a bad situation here as I have no fly shop close by. The nearest one is 2 hours away (on a good day). So I have to mostly rely on mail order for my hackle and that really sucks. That's why I kind of like Charlie. But I must say that the FLY SHOP in CA will hand pick colors for me while I'm on the phone with them although they don't carry Collins Hackle. They are a great bunch of guys.
  23. The highly dressed salmon fly started as a contest to see who could dress the most fanciful fly. When the European nations started sailing to South America, they would bring back colorful birds and plumage. the local tyers would then try to out do each other. As for fishing with them, my good friend Poul Jorgensen (God rest his soul) always liked to fish full dressed flies in Nova Scotia and Quebec. The gillies would make fun of him but he did what he wanted to do and caught plenty of fish.
  24. Take a look at the Regal. It is a great vise. I started using them 30 years ago and still use the original one I purchased.
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