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  1. Allen has good hooks as does the FLY SHOP in California and Stockard. They are a knock off of the Tiemco but priced more reasonably. I have had good luck with any of the three.
  2. Use a hair stacker to even the tips and all should be fine. If you don't have a stacker big enough for bucktail, an empty 12ga shotgun shell will work good for you.
  3. I have to agree with JSymczyk. Probably the most common mistakes are the eyes are on the wrong side of the hook or way to much bucktail for the size of the eyes.
  4. Like most of the other posts it is personal preference. Personally, I don't like the "goose neck" style of vise - they seem to impede my style of tying. I have used a lot of different vises but for the last 30 years I've been using a Regal. Great vise.
  5. All I use is the Collins hackle. I get it straight from Charlie since the shipping is cheaper. If you are looking for a specific color, you can send Charlie a sample (preferably a small patch from the neck of the color you're looking for) and he can usually match it up for you. He will send your sample back to you also. His Hen sets for wets/nymphs are phenomenal. Charlie is a great guy.
  6. Your going to need to use a dry fly hook for that small of a nymph. None of the hook manufacturers make nymph hook that small. If you need a 1kl, 2xl or 3xl, you'll need check out what hooks are available in the longer shank. Tiemco 101 is a good hook, Daichii 1100. it's going to be hard to find a longer shank hook in the small sizes. I have the same problem with small nymphs.
  7. ROTW

    Rod reccomendation

    You will like the setup. I use the ION reel for both trout and Salmon. The reel has a tremendous drag system. I use the 7/9 reel for 25 - 30# King Salmon and don't even have to think if the reel has the guts for the fight - it does. Enjoy the new setup!! Happy fishing
  8. I love to fish my bamboo but the fiberglass rod is a great replacement. I do fish with glass especially if I'm fishing wet flies or streamers. Todays graphites are to fast for swing a wet fly. I find the fiberglass better to work with since it is more forgiving in setting the hook on a swinging fly. My glass rods range from a 6' 3 weight to 9' 8 weight. I hope your project works out for you. Fiberglass is starting to make a good come back, but like you said a lot of them are very pricey.
  9. As a guide, baiting is never an option for clients or even myself and IS illegal in most states. One has to remember that fish do have a sense of smell so it is important to keep your hands clean when tying on flies. If you just put on bug repellant, sun lotion or anything like that, make sure you wash your hands in the water, using some mud , moss or leaves to scrub your hands clean and you shouldn't have a problem. Maybe this guy, without thought, was trying to cover up his smell, but very doubtful. I remember the old wives tale about "spitting" on your fly before you fish to cover up any unwanted smell.
  10. I should have said in my previous post that I DO NOT expect a tip at the end of the day. If my clients offers it, then I will accept.
  11. Many have said that a guide has a good life, being able to fish everyday. I am a guide and spend more time on the water with clients than fishing myself. The time spent prior to a trip can add up; it requires trips to the stream to check conditions, insect activity, water temps and more. I GOOD guide SHOULD never fish with his client unless asked to do so. The client has paid for a service and that is what he is to get. My clients get my undivided attention. Instruction when needed (which is more common than not), flies out of my box, tippets and leaders from my vest. Granted some clients may not catch fish, not my fault when I put them over fish, but due to their abilities. I get clients tell me they are skilled fly fishermen but look and act more like a novice when on the water. This can destroy the clients ability to catch fish since the trip was planned on what they wanted and their experience levels. All of my clients have tipped me at the end of the day, but the amount varies. As for the length of the trip - my client's time does not start from my shop or a designated meeting place, it starts when we reach the stream. So if I have to drive an hour to the stream and an hour back that time is on me and not my client. There are days when I may not get back to the shop till 10 or 11 pm and have to tie flies for a trip the next morning. There are a lot of things involved in being a great guide that goes on behind the scenes.
  12. ROTW

    Rod reccomendation

    The Redington or Echo would serve you very well. Good Luck
  13. I'm in awe that tis has gone this far. If you have a valid question or subject for a post by all means put it up. But this???????????????????
  14. ROTW

    Rod reccomendation

    I have close to 30 rods and I was always mainly a Sage man myself with a few others in the mix (Orvis, Winston, Loomis and some bamboo) but got turned on to the Echo rods a couple of years ago. They make a fantastic rod that will not break your wallet. Tim Rajeff of Echo was one of the masterminds behind Sage. I'm not affiliated with Echo in anyway, but I love their product. Several years ago, I never thought I would say this but I prefer the Echo to anything I have. I fish for everything from native trout to Atlantic salmon to musky and carp. Just my 2 cents worth.
  15. I am predominantly left handed so I cast with left and reel with right. However, I fairly ambidextrous, so depending on the situation, I might cast right then switch to left hand for the right hand retrieve.
  16. It may be a little obscure, but Echo makes a great nymphing line (the Sphere) for $50.00. Even though it was made for nymphs, it will throw a dry fly really well and still reach out nice to 70 to 80 feet without much problem. Echo was developed by Tim Rajeff, who was also one of the masterminds behind Sage. Echo makes a great product. All of my clients that have tried the Echo rods and lines love them.
  17. Over the years I have tried several different types of gear: vests, chest packs, slings and lumbar. The last 4 years I settled on a lumbar pack from fishpond. It takes all the weight off of my shoulders and puts it lower on my body. When using anything sitting on my shoulders I found my back would tire and cramp after 5 or 6 hours. No problem with the lumbar pack. It holds everything I need (I'm a guide) and frees up the front of my body to work properly: casting, landing fish, photos, instruction without anything getting in the way. Granted it does sit lower on my body (stabilizes my center of gravity) and will get wet if you wade deep but if it gets wet all I have to do is dry it out overnight. There is nothing in the pack that can get destroyed by water - after all, everything we carry was made to be in the water.
  18. Great Idea using the partridge feather for the wing. We have an abundance of caddis in our area so I'm going to have to give it a try. Thanks Mike
  19. The rule of 11 is correct. 0.011" + 0X tippet. You subtract 0.001 for the next X size so 0.010 = 1X. 2X = 0.009 and on down the line. The "X" rating is an industry standard so 2X from Frog Hair will be the same as 2X from Orvis. But as other have said the # rating varies greatly for each "X" by different manufacturers. Almost all the manufacturers list the "X" rating to the corresponding strength. You just have to do some research to get the best # for the "X" size. Rio has some of the best tippet on the market (just my opinion)
  20. I click the quote button, get the reply screen but nothing shows up in it? I pretty good with the computers, even writing programs and IT work, but I guess the computer Gods are not smiling on me (lol). Thanks everyone for your help. Maybe some day it will work or I should just stick with fishing!!!!!
  21. Trying this again. I hit the quote button from shoebop. hope it works.
  22. Thank you all very much for the help! But it doesn't seem to work for me.
  23. Thank you all for the help. Greatly appreciated!!
  24. Hello everyone. I'm new to the site and have put up several posts. But my question is how do you copy or highlight a previous post to include in your new post? I see other posts coming up with a box that has a previous post and members comment. I've tried looking on the site but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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