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  1. Another post provided a great deal of support for the Rite Bobbin design. Has anyone used the look alike from Poland company : Stonfo?
  2. Thanks to all for the advise. To date my tying history; my first kit cost $13 from the Herter's company and consisted of a Thompson vise, all the tools and basic materials. Now a simple tool can cost as much. The patterns back then were traditional limestone creek nymphs in spring and an array of dry mayfly patterns for summer. Now I 'm "throwing" weighted crack patterns that would scare most creek fed trout but then I 'm catching 6-12# redfish, snook, ladyfish and hooking (never landing)an occasional baby tarpon. Very different but still the same.....
  3. I'm re learning this skill and need some advise on basic tools and all the toys to tie with. I see some real nice tools from drslick and several high end companies but what are the solid quality, reasonably priced sources? My new hobbie is saltwater flats fishing, so most of my hooks will be #2-4 or larger. I just picked up a Renzetti traveler but need most everything else. Any advise is welcome and if anyone has a good tool kit at a great price or surplus materials, let me know. Thx Jim
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