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  1. I am not great with Latin names of insects but I think your looking for a dark clinger nymph in the smaller sizes. If so I like a simple soft hackle fly for the small dark clingers. Tail 1.25-1.5 length of shank - black rooster hackle Body - Peacock w/ fine gold, silver or black wire soft hackle - black of some sort - starling for very small 18-20, dyed black partridge for 16 and larger
  2. I really like denduke's crayfish pattern but I have to second the wooly bugger. I love brown beadhead wooly buggers with a really full tail stripped slow along the bottom. There are lots of crayfish in all of the rivers that I fish and I catch small mouth bass and trout on brown b.h. buggers all spring, summer and fall fishing it the same way. I keep a few in sizes 10-4 all with slightly oversize gold tungsten beads stocked in my boxes all the time.
  3. Just keep my extra one I have quite a few stimulators.
  4. You don't need a sinking line. As mentioned before midges under an indicator will work during cold weather. Wooly buggers and other small streamer type flies like hornberg (some will frown on it but I use splitshot to get a hornberg down deep), muddler minnow, ect.... Use a leader at least as long as the depth of the water and let it sink down to the bottom (fish tend to hang out near the bottom in cold weather as it is warmer there than higher in the water column) retrieve it nice and slow be patient. Everything aquatic moves slower in cold weather.
  5. What's the status on the two remaining participants?
  6. I think that a majority of the folks that advocate dam removal are proponents of removing dams that have out lived their usefulness, don't produce benefits that out weigh the ecological harm they cause or lock out major spawning populations of sea run fish. Many of the dam removal projects that I have read about or seen are projects with an aim of removing small dams that have no reason to exist not major power producers.
  7. I just watched this also. It was a really good film. I thought the scene where they hid in the woods to capture the footage of the hole in the bottom of that dam being blown open was CRAZY! -Will
  8. Frugal Fly Fisherman is a good one. I have a hard copy its a great beginners guide.
  9. Nope.... Not of use for a fly fisher.
  10. Flies are done. I'm a little unhappy with the consistency but that's what happens when you tie 11 flies in 4 sittings over about a month. They are however all very fishable and decent looking flies. Just need an address. -Will
  11. Thanks for the quick response. I have grey turkey quills and some mallard wings would those be an appropriate substitution? I also just found goose quills on whitetail fly tying is it just the fibers opposite the biot on the feather? Edit: Nevermind I just tried the turkey and mallard. The turkey has a totally different look to it and the mallard is way too short.
  12. Al, I think I'm going to give this thing a shot. I sent in a form and check for disabled veteran membership for IFFF this morning and contacted the at large evaluator that lives in NH by email last night. Where can I get the Canada goose wing/herl? I'm not familiar with this material the only goose materials I've seen are biots and shoulder. -Will
  13. Looks pretty good. As said before the tail and hackle are a little longer than the ideal. I like my hackles to be about 3/4 of the body length and the tail about the length of the hook shank. But it looks well tied and im sure would catch some fish. Good job, -Will
  14. So I went down to the Waits River today, the stream down the road from me that is open year round. After I checked a few places along the section that is open year round I found it was very very shallow and flowing very very slow it looked almost stagnant. I don't know why this section of river would have been chosen for year round fishing it does not have much good habitat. Guess I'll have to make a longer trek to get in a few more days before the big freeze.
  15. It would seem to me that pre making a bunch of dubbing loops would'nt save much time at the bench if any at all. Once your practiced at it making a dubbing loop and tossing some dubbing in it doesn't take hardly any time at all.
  16. Mohair leech. I tie mine with a lead under body and UNI mohair in the wine color and maroon maribou tail had a couple bites on it but haven't fished it much.
  17. Nice flies and very nice fish. I tie a similar style pheasant tail with no hot spot and a peacock ice dub or herl collar (depending on mood). I use a piece of pearl krystal flash for the ribbing and it has the same kind of effect. It has been a pretty effective fly at times. I'd post a picture but the only one I have left is pretty raggedy from being fished. Maybe ill tie up a couple today when I sit down at the bench and post a picture. Thanks for sharing its great to see flies, fish and fishing pictures from another part of the world. -Will
  18. I am about half done with my flies I am waiting on some grizzly hackle to arrive to finish them up. trying to get them consistent and I seem to have used up all of the 12-16 size hackles off of the half cape I've been plucking from for the last year or so. Should have them out somewhere around Monday 10 Nov.
  19. Its weird, that that reply above didn't post until just now. I typed it last night. Shoebob and steeldrifter, I have been considering a trip to a great lakes trib. for steelhead. Hopefully that's something I could put together this winter. I have planned a trip to Salmon River several times with something of a fly fishing mentor but the plans always fall apart due to his busy work schedule. I may hit you two up for some advise if I ever get around to the serious planning phase of putting together a trip. Since I wrote that reply last night I took another look at the year round streams in the VT Fish and Game handbook and found that the Waits River, a stream that is right down the road from me, is open year round from the Connecticut River up to the first dam. I've only fished that section a few times and didn't have much luck but I am going to fish it now and then until ice up.
  20. Philly, where are you planning on going, here in Vermont? Jszymczyk, There are a few streams in Vermont open year round and lake Champlain and its tributaries up to the first highway bridge is open rear round but they are a ways away (and from what I understand not that great for fishing late season) and good fishing in Lake Champlain is hard to come by this time of year with out a boat. I have been seriously considering doing some ice fishing this winter though, haven't done it in years and some of the largest trout and salmon are taken through the ice in Vermont.
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