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  1. I don't know about closing dates where every one else is but here in Vermont most rivers close for trout fishing on October 31 (Connecticut River closes October 15) until January 1. I just finished cleaning my waders, pack, rods, reels and lines and now that it is officially no longer fishing season I am really bummed out. I didn't get to fish much out side of the area near my place this summer but I took advantage of fishing when ever I wasn't busy with something else and had a great season, caught lots of fish I totally lost count but I'm pretty sure I was well above 300 Trout, around 150 Small Mouth Bass, 35-40 Walleye and a few Fall Fish and a few White Suckers on the list. I also really improved my fishing skills so I'm very happy with my season. It is, however, over now. Even though the Connecticut River opens for angling on January 1 its unlikely that there will be much if any open water until March or April and most of the other rivers in the state are closed to trout fishing until April. Its hard to get over the idea that I cant do something I've been doing 3-5 days a week for the last 6 months for another 5-6 months. Even though it is a bummer I am really looking forward to working on improving my tying skills this winter. I have a list of flies and techniques I want to get just right for spring fishing and a list of patterns I want to stock up on for next year. Does any one else have this going on? Does any one else get bummed out about the end of the fishing season? I'd love to hear what others think about when it comes time to put up the rods and reels and hang the storm windows.
  2. That video is absolutely BONKERS!!!!! Did they emerge into winged adults or just hatch from the egg into nymphs?
  3. That is very nice but I love my tying station. Made the bench with $4 worth of wood a few screws, glue and some wooden dowels. I ripped the base off of and repurposed a $6 desk lamp from wall mart and drilled some holes for tools. It is a total hack job but works great.
  4. I love my 4wt 8'6" TFO Professional. I have used it for both trout and bass and it gets the job done in just about any small to medium size river fishing situation. It casts small and medium size dry flies and nymphs well and with careful casting I can even get a heavily weighted wooly bugger out to the 40-50 foot range (not really what the rod is intended for though). It was the first good quality fly rod I purchased and I have fished it something like 200 days in tiny streams, medium size rivers, ponds and lakes in the last three seasons I've caught little brook trout 8-18" rainbows and some pretty good size small mouth bass on it and I have never had a compliant about how it casts or plays a fish. As for a reel there are a lot of good quality lower price reels out there. I would suggest a mid or large arbor reel while most trout and bass fishing never requires getting onto the reel it is nice to have a decent drag system and decent line pick up if you need it. I have a greys GX300 reel on my 4 weight if I remember correctly it was around $50 and it is a better reel than my $170 Hardy CC. As said before the Orvis Access would be a great value also. Also check out L.L. Bean's fly rod outfits. Both are great brands with great reputations that make excellent equipment. Good Luck!
  5. Good luck getting all the materials for the fly though. I recently ordered some sili skin for tying this pattern and received the materials minus the mother of pearl before I noticed the email saying that the mother of pearl is on back order. I have not been able to find it any where online so I did some calling around and heard the same thing over and over it is on back order from the manufacturer and is likely to be for some time. I tried to make the pattern with out the top layer of mother of pearl and it just didn't look right. I considered trying it with the clear but, I don't know, I guess I don't really want to spend any more on it and not like the result. The youtube videos tidewater posted should guide you through it pretty well though. It's really not that hard, except for keeping the material from sticking together.
  6. Flies came in they all look very nice. Good job everyone.
  7. Brought a few nice browns to the net today. Sadly this was the smallest and the only one i got to take a picture of. Got to remember to charge up before I go out from now on. I learned a valuable lesson today. Fish the shadowy areas on sunny days. I wasted so much time fishing in water under direct sunlight. As soon as I put a fly in a shadowy section along a high step bank it was fish on.
  8. Anything size 18 or smaller. Fishing anything 18 or smaller on the surface makes me want to pack it in and head home. I loose track of the fly on the water so easily and setting the hook is hard as hell sometimes especially once the fly has drifted past where I'm standing. I do just fine nymphing small flies but fishing tiny duns is NOT my game at all.
  9. Connecticut River between Woodsville, Nh and Wells River, VT. It can be wonderful fishing here. It's actually why I moved to here. I am walking distance to excellent trout fishing in the Ammonusuc River in Woodsville, Nh the Wells River here in Wells River,Vt and the Connecticut river in between has small mouth bass, pike, pickerel, walleye, fall fish, rainbows and the odd brown trout. It can be difficult during the summer months because there is lots of pressure. Brown trout are not really common but rainbows are pleantiful and the walleye and small mouth action can be very good at times.
  10. I'm in with a a golden stimulator.
  11. I kinda think so also troutbum. I have a problem with sparseness. They always look good on the bench and thenthen later I'm like "to much hair". I fished both tonight and watched the ghost pattern get refused by a really big rainbow (pretty sure it was 20+") and the mickey get passed up by a decent brown.I did catch a walleye on the mickey.
  12. Yea I agree with redietz. They look really nice.
  13. Calf tail mickey finn and black ghost. Too much hair?
  14. Couple nice rainbows from yesterday and today.
  15. I like size 12 heavy wire scud hooks with eggs size 5-6mm for areas with largeish fish spawning (salmon and steel head) and a size 14 for eggs in the 3-4mm range(average size browns and rainbows). I will admit I don't often fish with eggs but I have tied a bunch for others based on their extensive experience and guidance and the eggs Ive tied have landed fish. I am sure you will get more detailed guidance from others with more experience but I figured I'd contribute my two cents.
  16. Very nice article. I have a few different skins with dry fly feathers and I have found from my own (far less scientific) observations that my best and favorite are the 5 whiting 1/2 capes I bought from feather emporium last winter. I have tied more than enough flies on each to justify the $25 I spent on each.
  17. I really like my TFO rods. I have a 10' 3 weight BVK for high stick nymphing (also casts dries quite well), 8'6" 4 weight Professional which is really nice for dries and small nymphs and a 9' 7 weight BVK for big flies. I am very happy with all of them. As whatfly stated their reputation for making rapid replacements is well deserved. I broke my 7 weight earlier in the summer and had a new one in like 7 or 8 days.
  18. I've been using a couple flies for emergers lately one is a sort of a take on a Harrop's Hair wing dun (tied like a pheasant tail nymph w/peacock under the hackle) and the other is really just a kind of a pheasant tail with a bunch of deer hair on it. I like it because the wing is visible and the body hangs under the surface nicely. Both have caught a few fish. I also like the RS2 and Lafontaine Sparkle Emerger. Soft hackle flies are good during emergence also.
  19. Steiner, That is an amazing fish! Where did you catch it? -Will
  20. Fletchfishes, That is a really nice Yellow stonefly imitation. I have been seeing them around a lot lately. I have some very light feathers on a set of mallard wings maybe ill give that one a shot.
  21. Welcome to the forum Gary! I live in Vermont and I love Maine. I hiked the Appalachian Trail through Maine and NH a few years ago and was not a fly fisherman then. Since I started fly fishing I have really wanted to get out and make a hike through Baxter S.P and the Rangley area again. This time with the fly rod. Again Welcome, -Will
  22. It is a very pretty fly pattern. There is very large hatches of Northern Casemakers (or Autumn Sedge or October caddis like most flies this one has too many names) on both the rivers near me that feed into the Connecticut river. Last year I found about 50 on my screen door under the outdoor light. In both rivers they are already coming off so I have added a few imitations to my box as well. The problem with fishing adult imitations of this fly, I find at least, is that they don't hatch on the water surface they crawl out onto rocks so fishing it dead drift isn't super effective. You certainly could have some luck but I read last year and found it to be true that early in the time they are present that a pupa imitation is the most effective way to "match the hatch". I really like a scruffy orangeish soft hackle pattern for this, fished dead drift under a buoyant dry fly. I like to use an orange stimulator or the orange dry fly pictured below. My recipe is simple, a few wraps of lead wire a thick and buggy dubbed body of Waspi SLF Squirrel (Squirrel Belly Color) and a dark soft hackle (black or dark brown) about the same length as the body(mine are size 10 and 12). Last year I didn't have any soft hackles in this color and I used a birds nest with good success. I will add a picture of the soft hackle a little later. The egg laying females deposit their eggs on the bottom of the stream so once the adults have been around for a little bit and I've seen them depositing eggs I will loose the nymph and fish the dry by letting it drift a few feet stripping it under and letting it swing like a wet fly. Once its saturated it will submerge on its own and I don't strip it under any longer, this seems to be when it was most effective for me last year. But as I said before that is a very pretty fly and very nice work. Edit-The first fly is the one I use to suspend the soft hackle (dry dropper style) and the second is the one I intend to use in a couple weeks when I start seeing them going to the water to lay eggs.
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