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  1. I think that the point of the swap is for it to be a learning experience, an exercise in consistently tying flies. It would seem to me that if you have the basic skills of tying down and think that you can produce a dozen flies that are all pretty close to the same then your good to go. Give it your best effort and I'm sure every one will be happy to have you in a swap.
  2. Second for Loon Hard Head. I was using Dave's Flexament and it worked but found it would turn white after application now and then. Don't like that.
  3. Grandpa41, I live very near a river with a pretty good population of stones and over the course of a week or so I found a couple pretty large golden stones found their way inside and they do make quite a ruckus once the lights go out. Are you sure it "hatched" into an adult in your house? I find that adult stoneflies and mayflies hitch a ride home from the river on me pretty regularly. Where do you live in the eastern us?
  4. I have been tying them with the wing extending them past the wing per some instruction in some book or pattern recipe I found a while back and they work, I guess the word would be ... okay. Since the caddis flies (zebra and little black ones) have been coming off lately in big numbers and I have been looking at them closely questions about proportions came to mind. And today I was looking at some I purchased a while back and some pictures I saw online and my wings don't look like they do. They look a little longer but now that I have taken a second look I guess they are actually pretty close.
  5. Why are elk and deer hair patterns tied with the hair wing extending only to the end of the body? Most if not all of the caddis flies I've found on my screen and caught with my bug net seem to have a wing that extends a quarter or third of a body length past the end of their body.
  6. Nice pictures. I love how evil they look.
  7. Never had a fish take a fly in the air but I have had a fish slam a fly that a bird picked off of the surface of the water then dropped.
  8. Welcome to the forum. Look forward to seeing you flies and fish pictures.
  9. I think it died during its transformation. I found it mid day on a rock so it was getting close to being bug jerky.
  10. I have quite a few Dobson flies around here. I took some pictures last year when they were turning into adults. I was finding them half transformed around the river and lots of them flying around at night. I have not seen many this year but found a few in my kick seine a couple times in the last few months.
  11. Took advantage of low water on the Connecticut this afternoon and waded out onto a gravel bar to access a nice deep hole and hooked into some nice fish. Fished a brown bugger with a hare's ear hanging off it and took three rainbows and a couple small bass to the net. I lost one large brown trout when he broke off the hare's ear (6x tippet... so stupid) This rainbow was super beat up. It was missing a chunk of tail and was all scratched up.
  12. I've been fishing soft hackle pheasant tails and guide's choice hare's ear droppers off of yellow stimulators a lot this summer and having pretty good luck, had a few hook up's with both. I sometimes feel like the dropper doesn't get down far enough though. What are peoples opinion on fishing a dropper nymph on 3-4 feet of tippet? Another thing Id be interested in hearing opinions on is attaching biostrike to a hook and using that as an indicator. I have never done this, I came across this suggestion somewhere along the way when reading about indicator nymphing. I'm personally not a fan of it but it would result in a hook up when a fish comes up for the indicator.
  13. I purchased a bugger pack from Feather Emporium. The feathers are stiff like rooster hackle but too webby for dry flies. Once I wrap the hackle back and the wire forward I tie in a large soft feather like a hen hackle or a feather from a pheasant back. I find this works really well.
  14. One of nine nice rainbows I brought to the net last night.
  15. Been finding lots and lots of golden and brown stone flies on my screen door lately and had good luck with stimulators last few times out so I tied up some up today. They look pretty good I think. I tied up a bunch more of the yellow and brown ones than pictured but they were already in the box. The black ones are not really meant to imitate anything I ever see here but it thought they would look cool and may be good for fishing. So why not.
  16. Breambuster, Thanks for the compliment on the flies. They have been killers for me lately. I hope they work well for you and every one else also. -Will
  17. Fisherboy, I had that very same thought. I was surprised it was still feeding with that hook in its mouth, especially so soon after getting stung but it took that stimulator with vigor. -Will
  18. Had a pretty good day of fishing today. Went out around noon. Its not typically a very productive time of day around here for trout but It was cool and overcast so I figured why not. Caught a few standard, ok fish then I got a monster hit from what I thought was a very large rainbow and lost it. My line got snagged at my feet on a rock and with no drag the fish broke off my fly when it went out into the fast current. Shortly after it started to pour on me and I decided to get out of the rain. Once the rain quit about an hour later I went back out and decided to try some dry flies. Hooked the fish in the pictures on the first cast. It was the fish I lost! If you look in its mouth you'll see the stimulator I caught it on and the hares ear I lost. It put up a big fight but was only about the same size as most of the fish I catch in The Wells River a little fatter and a little longer but not the slab it felt like. It did, however, have very dark pink colors on the fins and the lateral line was darker than any Ive ever caught around here. It was a very pretty fish. Also pictured is obviously not a fish. This woodchuck seems endlessly fascinated with watching me fish. Every time I go down to the river near where I took this picture he comes out and watches me fish. He just sits there. Some times for a long time. Last night I went out for a bit and he sat right there on that rock and watched me fish through for about a half hour until I hooked a little rainbow that made a big show of jumping all over.
  19. Looks good. I've been wanting to get a snowshoe rabbits foot to tie this pattern. I like how buggy it is.
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