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  1. I don't have enough grizzly hackle that is sized right for a dozen Adams. If it sounds good I could tie up size 16 black x-caddis. I was also going to tie up some Isonychia Emergers I could do either for the swap. I was looking at doing the pattern Tightlines Production has on vimeo (http://vimeo.com/44697346). Which ever works. Edit- I would do the emerger with one less wrap than this one. The x-caddis would be a little more refined than the one pictured. This one is one that has been fished some and was one that I tied very early in my tying.
  2. That's taking put and take a little too far. Its really terrible when people abuse a fishery like that.
  3. Singletrack, I have considered that finesse rod. I gave it a shake test but didn't get to cast it but liked it. I decided on the BVK and the conversion because I mostly fish nymphs and really liked the extra reach and price point. I also own a 4 Weight Professional II and a 7 weight BVK. I've cast more expensive similar rods and don't know why I would spend more for a rod.
  4. I understand that and expect that. I was just really disappointed by the strung herl I got this time and one of the packages I got a few months ago. I would say that less than 50% of the strands are what I would even consider using and sorting through is a pain in the rear. I felt like I was going through the lesson I learned with Hungarian Partridge all over again. I suspect, and correct me if I'm wrong, that will be easier to identify the good strands on an eye stick than strung.
  5. I purchased a 8' 3 weight TFO BVK and the conversion kit to make it a 10' rod and I love it. I have used it more than either of my other two (a 4 weight and 7 weight). The 8' set up casts dry flies and small nymphs very nicely. The ten foot set up also casts dry flies quite well and is great for nymphing multi nymph rigs with long leaders. It also casts heavy flies like weighted buggers pretty well.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion Hairwing. I have considered purchasing the peacock eyes in bulk like that before but was unsure about what kind of quality I would end up with so never pulled the trigger. I'll give it a try. Thanks, -Will
  7. Thanks utyer, I have some really nice swords for tails and have not yet ventured into making stripped herl bodies. I just got some herl the other day to replenish my supply and I'm really unhappy with it. This is the second time I have gotten really bad quality herl from an online order. The strung herl I have been using the last few months is really nice and came from the same place. I guess I just wish there was a way to consistently get good quality product. -Will
  8. Now I have another question about Peacock Herl. How and where do I get the best quality herl? Should I buy strung herl or whole feathers and who carries the best quality?
  9. If it is alright I would like to change the fly I am going to submit. I ordered some peacock herl because I didn't have enough good herl to tie 12 carey specials and the stuff I recived from feathercraft is terrible. I'd rather not submit flies I'm un happy with, so I was thinking I would tie up some Olive Guide's Choice Hares Ears. I have been having good luck with some I recently tied up and I imagine it would be as good for panfish as it seems to be for trout. -Will
  10. Nothing wrong with that at all, I'd fish it. Nice job!
  11. I just spent a while doing this very thing. I used my ecacto knife. When I started off I was clamping them in my vise but I didn't like how much pressure I was putting on the jaws. I was afraid I could damage them so I got a pair of needle nose vise grips from my tool bag and clamped them onto the bend of the hook and it went pretty quick. Some got a little scratched but no big deal. Take care not to cut yourself though.
  12. Today I decided to get out and do a little fishing before we get some badly needed rain. Caught a few little brookies in the riffles pictured below, hands were kinda wet to take a picture. As I made my way up stream to a nice deep hole I like to fish (also pictured below, hole is the water furthest up stream) I saw three or four rainbows hanging out in the tail of the pool. I was able to get good and close and present a couple dry flies with no luck. As I was changing up to a nymph rig my foot slipped and shifted the rock I was perched on. Off they went. Fortunately just as they took off a nice little bass came in and was patrolling around real close to where the trout were. Since I already had the fly off of the line I tossed on a brown bugger and made a cast to the bass. Hooked him first cast. This little 12" fish put up a nice fight on my 3 weight.
  13. Looks pretty good. I might not start the body so far back but there is nothing wrong with it, it will still catch fish. I would also make the body a little slimmer and use less wraps of wire. But it looks like a very fishable Fly.
  14. Is the fly on the website written in French a dry fly?
  15. I cant give you any better advise than you have already gotten but don't give up. It takes lots of practice and wading through a lot of frustration to get the hang of things. Keep at it. You wont regret it.
  16. Is that picture for real? I hope this doesn't sound snobby but... Do people really fish like that? As for suggestions as to what to use fish for life's is a good one. Hang a p.t. nymph and a hare's ear off of an indicator and you really can't miss. Other good subsurface combos could include a bugger and a nymph, nymph and soft hackle. Good luck!
  17. Psychoprince, The holy grail is a good fly. I tied up three or four over the winter and had pretty good luck with them during the spring. I lost one to a big rainbow due to a bad knot tying job and the rest to snags but not before I brought a few to the net. I look forward to seeing yours. -Will
  18. Same trip. Same fly (Guide's Choice Hare's Ear) and from behind the same rock. This is one of the things I like about the my "home river". The Wells River, Vt. At the mouth where it empties into the Connecticut River there is really good bass and walleye fishing and in early spring there are very large browns and rainbows. Just up stream there are good size browns and rainbows and the occasional brookie. This continues through out most of the river then the headwaters hold lots and lots of brookies.
  19. My vote was for Bass. I have always really enjoyed catching small mouth bass and have been having a lot of fun hauling them in on the fly this summer. Second, third and fourth would be Northern Pike, Walleye, Chain Pickerel.
  20. Actually had the presence of mind to photo some fish I caught this evening. I always get so focused on making a quick release and so rarely bring my camera I never remember to take pictures when I have it.
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