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  1. Craikaig is saying in your material list you switched the material you listed for the body and thorax. The thorax is the peacock herl and the "body" or abdomen is the Harrop BWO dubbing.
  2. It was a compliment, not a solicitation of advise but I agree Davie McPhail's videos have many good pointers. Crackaig, are you saying that the poly yarn is the only type of parachute post you use or you only use klink style parachutes?
  3. Oh did he? I must have missed the mistake. I just thought it was funny that I watched the video then clicked over to the forum and saw this thread. I actually posted a link in the you tube comments to an earlier thread where you laid out the info about fumed silica and silica gel.
  4. Cranked out a set of a six Pink Squirrels and a set of six heavily weighted olive pheasant tail nymph I use as a point fly.
  5. Nice Barry, parachutes that small are so tough.
  6. Oh, yea its kinda iridescent like peacock. That's cool.
  7. Some little mayfly nymphs. I took some hooks out of both my size 18 and 20 compartment in my hook box but they seem to be the same size both in shank length and hook gape when I look at them with the naked eye but there seems to be different sizes in the photos. I'm not totally happy with the consistency of the proportions or tapering of the bodies on some or that messy head in the first picture, the head I fixed with a snip of the scissors after i took these pictures, but I think they will fish alright any how. I'm still working on my small size tying. I think in the future I will tie these with out dubbing just thread.
  8. Never seen a spotted sunfish mike, thats a neat looking fish.
  9. Snowshoe Rabbit cant get slimed up?
  10. You mean Tim there FlaFly
  11. Right here there aren't allot of pike, I have caught a few smallish ones and I saw a pair of really big ones in the early spring last year hanging out in the Wells River right under the 302 bridge here in Wells River, once you get down stream towards Newbury when the flows slow some more there are a bunch and more bass (thats not to say there arent a bunch around here). I like catching pike I think they are a good time also (used to catch allot in the Winooski River when I lived in Burlington). The residents around here are mostly fishing for walleye for harvest and small mouth bass for fun. Many people I have talked to didn't even know that there are trout in the Connecticut around here, I think its because there mostly in places that are not in easy to reach, those that do know and target them have all caught some really nice ones on conventional gear but there are no other fly fishermen that I have seen or met that fly fish in the Connecticut. I am intent on getting a good fishing kayak or a canoe this summer because I am less than 200 feet from the intersection of the Wells and Connecticut and I could access so much more water with a small boat.
  12. I don't think it matters much what you throw at them they are usually pretty defensive/aggressive once they have made a bed for spawning.
  13. Tied up a bunch today.... They are some mayfly nymphs with a foam back, some simple green caddis worms, olive hare & copper soft hackles, olive pheasant tail soft hackles and some flashy soft hackles (gold holo tinsel, chartreuse wire a bit of olive dubbing and a olive hungariian partridge feather)
  14. That first fly you have there andrew is awesome. Please try to remember the name of the company you got that rabbit brush from.
  15. I use rooster saddle for my brown and olive buggers, I add a collar of either partridge, pheasant, or hen hackle for some added movement. For my white and black I use spade hackle feathers from the sides of a white and a black half cape I have.
  16. You are kinda right Stevester, At times it is not wadeable. Right now flows are right for wading but after a rain it can take a few days for the water to come back down to wadeable flows. Even then its dangerous, if I weren't in good shape and a little crazy I wouldn't wade in this section of river. I have had a few close calls after loosing my footing and with logs and now ice (yesterday I almost got hit by a slab the size of a piano) and the flow is very fast. The area right below the Haverhill bridge (between Wells River and Woodsville) has gravel bars (not sure if thats the right term) that extend between the islands that you can wade on and because I have lived a very very short walk from them for the last few years I have kinda figured them out to the point where I can move between the islands with out a boat. As for it being a small mouth bass and pike fishery you are right. It pretty much is. There are also chain pickerel, fall fish, white suckers and big walleye. But there are rainbow and brown trout in many places and brook trout over by the Ammonoosuc River dam. I saw a guy pull a 23" brown trout out of the area below the Ammonoosuc Dam last year with a Canadian crawler (I was casting to brook trout I saw rising with a parachute adams like 20' away) and I heard about a 2' rainbow getting caught on a rubber minnow last May in the mouth of the Wells River and I have caught a pretty good number of rainbows (10-17") and a few brown trout (9-12") out of the section pictured. I catch allot more trout in the Waits, Ammonoosuc and Wells River but I like the challenge of wading out to and fishing on the islands in the Connecticut I like that other people rarely fish from them.
  17. Thanks phg, Other than the fact that that is really close to home the depth is pretty much why I was there. Most of the water, other than the area below the collapsed bank and the eddy just up stream from it, is less than two feet deep. During the summer that eddy holds some hogs because tons of food gets deposited in there, I have had more than one large trout break off due to a combination of size and fast current in there, also I have a bad habit of undersizing my tippet. I assume the white stuff your referring to is the snow. There is still allot of it around in many places. In fact most of the smaller order rivers are still iced over.
  18. Crackaig - My personal opinion is that the Half Hitch Mag simply rocks. I agree with you about the small Rite Bobbin, I have one and it is so short it is kinda unwieldy I rarely use it. As far as spinning I assume you are talking about untwisting/ twisting thread for laying on flat & split thread dubbing. I do allot of split thread dubbing, as I am sure you know you have to spin the bobbin to get it to lay flat and it takes very little effort to get the half hitch mag spinning and keeps spinning until you stop it, it spins as fast as my Dr. Slicks dubbing twirler. Once I insert my dubbing fibers I spin it backwards and it twists up like a dubbing loop. But to answer your question it's spin is very well balanced. I think it's long barrel and weight keeps its spinning action balanced. You are a more advanced tier than I am and you have a specific requirement for your bobbins but I highly recommend the Half Hitch Mag and I think that it will suit your purpose. I made a little video of one spinning, I did it kinda carelessly it can spin under more control than this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIs7ndF-Tf8&feature=youtu.be
  19. Flytire - I guess I have done it before on parachutes I have finished them off with a few half hitches around the post with my hand, now I typically turn the hook so the eye is pointed down and whip finish around the post with a matarelli whip finisher. In response to the original topic, I use a Rite Bobbin with the half hitch nozzle on allot of flies it works great for dry flies and most hooks with out beads smaller than size 12. Once there bigger than size 10 or 12 the nozzle doesn't fit over the hook eye so on those and bead heads I use the matarelli. Check out the video on you tube (scan forward to 2:56)
  20. Check this out, Tim Cammisa just put this up yesterday, just finished watching it a few seconds ago. It covers just this topic. Also this thread might help. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=80236&hl=drying
  21. Flytire, I'm way south of Pittsburgh, NH. I wish I lived up there I have heard the fishing up that way is amazing. This is the strech of river between Wells River, VT and Woodsville, NH. The Water temps just broke 40 yesterday in the afternoon in the sun but have remained in around 35 every time I have checked and are probably back down there again it was cold overnight. We have a surprisingly large number of stone flies here. I find tons of them when I kick netting. Mike, Those weren't bugs I caught in the drift. I caught those by disturbing the bottom and netting them.
  22. Warren G was a popular West Coast gangster rapper in the nineties, he did a Grammy nominated song called Regulate.
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