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  1. I researched this question a few years back when I wanted to tie some Glister Nymphs for a trip to New Zealand. Master Brite was the consitent advice I received - it is either the same stuff or very close to it. The fish certainly liked it. Mr. Google indicates it is readily avaiable from a range of suppliers.
  2. Grabham's Gurgler is a pattern from Australian fly tier Andrew Grabham. It employs sheet foam and can be tied in your choice of size and colour to suit the species of fish you are targeting. For an article by Andrew showing a step-by-step and discussing fishing the fly for Aussie Bass see: http://www.flyangler.com.au/pdfs/grabhams_gurgler.pdf The Grabham's is my go-to popper for Bass. Another of our Australian native species, the Saratoga is also rather partial to them. See photo.
  3. As my username suggests I'm a big fan of matukas and concur with phg - Skip Morris's step by step ( http://www.skip-morris-fly-tying.com/matuka-wing.html) is excellent .
  4. I have dealt with Flyworld for a number of years now. I mostly buy fly tying materials and miscellaneous items such as line nippers and zingers. I average around two to three orders per year. I shop with them because they have what must be the best range of tying materials in Australia and their service is generally very good. I live in Brisbane on the other side of the Australian continent from Perth (3600 kms, 2200 miles apart) and most orders arrive in 2 to 3 days. If I order an out of stock item I receive an email within hours of my order asking what options I would like to follow (cancel, wait for new stock, forward remainder of items etc) On one occasion (around 7 to 8 years ago) I had a problem similar to that reported by retrocarp. Ordered a reel which had not turned up after about 2 weeks. Rang Chris who was most apologetic and the reel arrived next day (air express mail, no charge). I suspect in my case there was a glitch somewhere in the software he uses or a staff member just stuffed up. So with one exception (which was fixed promptly) my experience with Flyworld has been great. My impression of Chris through a number of email and a few phone contacts is that he is an ethical businessman and a really nice bloke along with that. Like most on-line businesses things can go wrong of course. Bought an expensive reel from a US site a few years which was despatched to Austria rather than Australia. Took a while to sort that one out! As a first time poster my opinion may not carry much weight here, but in my experience the Flyworld folk are good people to deal with.
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