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  1. thanks to you both. most pics i get come out pretty crappy cuz i'm trying to get the fish released asap. most i let go without a pic, but this was the first fish of the year.
  2. thanks flytire, mine always have as well.
  3. it was ~50 degrees here in massachusetts the other day, got to spend the whole day on the water.
  4. yeah, those are right out of the bag too, haven't steamed them yet to straighten em out. pretty great deal if you tie a lot of small stuff.
  5. well everything went smoothly fwiw. not bad for 11 bucks shipped. these will last me a couple years lol.
  6. thanks for the replies everyone, decided to go with f.e., will post my experience.
  7. Yeah I didn't want to name names cuz I've had good experiences with them, but that might have been the one. Like I said, I'll chance it again if that's my only option but it'd be nice to be able to look around. Go Pats!
  8. I'm looking for suggestions for online vendors that sell cock cape tops. I don't tie a crazy amount and the vast majority of what I do are size 14 or smaller so buying cape tops for dry hackle is perfect. I've gone through one online vendor a few times in the past with good results, but it seems it's a crapshoot with others posting a lot of negative reviews. I'll risk it again if I have to as it's a small amount of money, but figured I'd see if you guys had any good suggestions for reliable vendors. TIA
  9. hi everyone, been lurking here for a while now, figured i'd make my first post a good one 24" 4.5lb landlocked salmon out of the wachusett reservoir in central massachusetts i normally catch and release, but i was fishing for trout on light gear when i got this guy. had to fight him for a good while to get him in so i figured it was a good time to keep my first fish of the year.
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