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  1. thanks everyone for the helpful tips..... Still cant get it to work the right way with the shape and all. Going to order some mc fly foam and see if that will work for me (which i'm sure it will) but anyways thanks everyone.
  2. I am trying to do every step that he shows and my yarn just doesn't seem to have the "fluff" it needs i guess.. cause i am currently trying to use glo bugs yarn and it just doesn't react the same as others people's yarn... so i am kinda stumped.
  3. Seems like every time i try to tie the egg fly pattern (with yarn) i come across 2 problems. The first problem is when i do complete the pattern the yarn doesn't seem to have the fluffy look to it and you can easily see the yarn where it wrapped around it. The 2nd problem is when its done the yarn will easily spin around the hook for some reason i try to put a good base wrap on the hook but it doesn't seem to help... any tips will help, thanks!
  4. i have a problem with my leaders always knotting... it seems like i am casting the right way. Also at times it catches my fly line that connects to the leader... any suggestions on how i could fix this? thanks.
  5. I do have a 4 weight actually it is just i wanted to try after some bass but i will try your advice next time i get out. Thank you.
  6. Thanks to everyone for all of the advice i really do appreciate it i will keep to it and try to concentrate on were i am throwing my flies.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. I am fishing for large mouth some lakes i fish have small mouth but i go for what ever. I am fishing lakes and i have a 8 weight 9 foot fly rod. i am casting some decent sized flies they aren't overly huge but they have some weight to them. But as i was fishing my brother had a spinning rod and gear and he cast right were i just have and caught a decent size bass, i am also trying to match my colors to what kinda baits i use when fishing with regular lures. The depth i was fishing was from 3-10 ft with some sandy bottom and the rest had weeds.
  8. Well, i haven't had the greatest luck fly fishing for bass. I have tried plenty of flies and different techniques but nothing ever seems to work for me and it gets frustrating. Another thing is that when i am fly fishing i feel like i am casting non stop (yes i know it is called "fly fishing" for a reason) but i just cant get the line to the place i need to and at times it noodles or smacks the water on my back cast. I have talked to people about my casting technique but i don't know if i change it when i'm fishing or what.... Has anyone else had this problem when starting out? and if so how did you get past it any advice would help right now cause i feel like my fly tying/fishing skills are failing me! haha. Thanks, Nick
  9. Okay, i am fishing a lake, large mouth bass (has small mouth) but targeting large mouth if that helps any..... and thanks.
  10. I don't know too much about bass flies.... so can someone tell me some good ones to tie? and if you got pictures as well that will work. going out on the lake all day this Saturday and i want to catch a bass on my fly rod. So any suggestions would help. Thanks, Nick.
  11. Yes, i meant wrapping, and what fly did you catch that on? and what are some good choice of flies to make? cause i normally fish edge of Lilly pads it is just every fly i try to make it just goes wrong and doesn't turn out right and it gets really aggravating too me. Thank you for the tips though.
  12. Well, i have been trying to tie some sculpin minnows with the sculpin helmet, now my problem comes when fishing them. I tie it with zonker strips for the tail and tie it down at the bend, then i twist the zonker strip up to the eye of the hook but enough room for the head, but when i finish the fly it spin's around the hook and that is causing a problem and i am not sure how i can fix this. i would put glue on the hook before i twist it around but i don't want the hair to stick to it... but anyways any advice? and also when fly fishing for bass do you normally fish near shallow waters? Hope i was descriptive enough. Thanks, Nick.
  13. alright, thanks for the tips haha. but i am in doubt kinda cause i am making them for a brothers friend and he wanted to buy some so i am kinda being picky on every fly i make so i am not sure what to make now? i need to make 10 flies total bass and bluegill flies..... any options?
  14. Hi everyone, after i get done using my head cement it turns white after drying, it has never been left open or anything and it is about a year old. is there a way of fixing it with something around the house? or do i need to get something from a special store or get a new bottle? Thanks, nick.
  15. i may be dumb but i'm not stupid 1 against 300+ drunken floaters is not the best of odds Well i wasn't really serious about doing that... i was just saying it would be funny as hell.
  16. you should of went down their with your fly rod with no fly on it and started casting it and watch on how many people would jump out of the way.
  17. well it is a creek that is about 1-3ft deep and some spot's 4-5 but it has sandy bottom and only clear in certain sections of the creek. if that helps?
  18. Well opening day trout season is this Wednesday (4-30-14) and i am trying to figure out what flies will work good i had a couple in mind but any flies that other's have used and work well just tell me. and if anyone is from michigan that will help as well since you might know the flies and hatches. Thanks, nick.
  19. awesome looking flies! what was the material used on the flies above the eggs? and is their a name?
  20. i have had about 15 hooks snap on me they were a decent brand and never had it happen to me before.. very frustrating. specially when you got a hog on!!
  21. how deep is the pond? i fish at a friends pond and none of the fish died in there.. and their is a good amount of bluegill and small bass and only 1 big carp. the pond is about 13ft deep in the middle witch the pond isn't very deep. i am also from Michigan winter was horrible this year. maybe there was soo much fish in there and they ran out of oxygen? since everything got frozen and it was cold for soo long? just guessing.
  22. incorrect haha. does kalmazoo river ring a bell for you? if so it's rite along that by the allegan dam.
  23. Since you are from Michigan have you heard of the swan creek?
  24. Thanks, that will help out a ton i will try that this weekend. what kind of flashy flies are good? such as a flash back nymph? or flashy leeches.
  25. well i went down to the river/creek today and i was fishing and tried nearly everything in my box and nothing bit... i saw a bunch of fish surfacing and rolling on top of the water but none of them were biting i know they are spawning and any other time i can catch them what do you think would be the reason for them not biting?
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