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  1. thanks for the info ill definitely be able to pump out some poppers faster now!
  2. so my question for you is ive seen numerous opinions on foam flies that they NEED to be sealed and get a clear coat at least. i use the dremel technique as well and i could probably turn out a lot more poppers if i didnt need to take the time to seal them and put a clear coat. whats your side on that flymanaj? are your flies durable? most people say they arnt durable without it. and i cant tell if your flies are at least sealed?
  3. ive seen guys using a wire stripping tool to pack hair. there are many different sized holes on it and they a relatively inexpensive. the people ive seen using them say they are nice because the are like pliers you just have to clamp over the shaft to pack.
  4. oooooo i like it!! i have some chartruse bunny at home im gonna make one of these tonight
  5. ^^^^^^^^^ Flymanaj - have you looked a at a near by fleamarket, goodwill, salvation army or garage sales for any childern foam puzzles or the foam mats that look like puzzle pieces that come in a bunch of different colors? i picked up a ton of those mats from my local goodwill for 5 bucks and now i have foam for life.
  6. im a huge warm water guy - honestly i would stay away from anything smaller than a #8 hook mainly because youll end up catching five to eight pan fish to your one targeted larger warm water species. in my opinion bigger is better 8 out of 10 times depending on the season to catch your large warm water species. spring time your pike are 90% aggressive striking so the more obnoxious the fly the more likely you are to get those big hits from big pike. as far as your bass your going to want flies that simulate what they are feeding on or a lure that will make an expand and contract motion when stripping it. the colorations on the flies generally match water conditions and the general weather conditions. almost everything (i dont have the smaller flies) you have there i have in my bass/pike box. all together those will all catch fish just be mindful of how sucessful you maybe just based off of hook size on catching the species you want to catch. the only thing you should add would be some dahlberg diver's they are deer hair top water lures you could also add some top water mice (certainly wouldnt hurt). oh and crayfish - always a small mouth favorite Hope that helps =)
  7. Yeah Flat Heads are something i have really doven into as well. i was thinking about taking my 7 weight to pymatuming for some fun with carp. =P
  8. Eastern Fly if your gonna fish lake arthur the best fishing is either large mouth top water thru the lilly pads or if you can find them the hybrid stripers.
  9. thanks chase. the blue clouser on the right was the last one i tied that night and realized "Hey! i dont need a lot of material to make these" lol
  10. Hey there My name is Trey. I am from North pittsburgh PA near Zelienople. been tying for a couple months and fly fishing for a couple years. started fly fishing in erie for steelhead and last year i got into streamer fishing at lake arthur. this year i will be fishing for trout, pike, bass, pan fish, steelhead, carp, and anything else in my native land of the burgh. I tie flies that i can use to catch all these fish and would like to become eclectic in my tying so i dont have to buy a single fly EVER AGAIN!!!! cant wait to get comments and comment on posts.
  11. my only tip that i can throw at ya is the first streamers i tried to tie, i had a very very very hard time trying to whip finish them. the head build up on your streamers look just like my first ones. mine had their issues because my whip finishes were terrible maybe thats where you should focus. hope that might help.
  12. When i started tying a couple months ago the first thing i learned to tie were ants. they teach you how to use dubbing, spin hackle and work with foam depending on how you tie them. super cheap when it comes to materials. about ten dollars to tie almost an infinite amount not counting the hooks of course. a lot of pan fish go ga-ga over them sitting on the surface. Materials: black or white, hackle black thread black foam ^^^^^^^^^ thats it... easy to tie and results are fun to look at.
  13. Thanks! Any Critiques are greatly appreciated. as well as any recommendations on what i should tie next from all you PA peeps out there?
  14. here is a pot luck of most of the flies i have tied so far. i live in north western PA so i fish for a very very large variety of fish. i only started two months ago and i am now starting to experiment with inventing flies. the flies attached are: My First Fly the Parachute Ant. Zebra Midges Prince nymphs A random emerger Psycho nymph Variation 1 Psycho nymph Variation 2 Psycho nymph Variation 3 Clousers.... lots of clousers... my first and so far, only attempt at a pike fly Blue WInged Emerger this is my experimental fly.its a midge if you want the recipe just comment for it and ill start its own topic. royal trout streamer my variation of the royal trout streamer Please Critique
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