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  1. Thanks this is the video i watched for those buggers i tied, pinched off the ends with my scissors and thumb, now to some of those fly's wet this weekend thanks for all the tips,
  2. That looked pretty darn good I am going to try that and see how it works thanks again
  3. The video i watched said to take the back of the scissors and to pull the ends off, but i will watch this one a try a few. Thanks
  4. Thanks, I have to call my lawyer to help me figure out this BC fishing synopsis regulations its a tad confusing. Once i get it figured out going to get as many of these fly's wet as I can.
  5. and here are the woolly buggers, finally got this figured out i hope,
  6. These are my first attempts a few months ago the first two were my very first fly, rock worms with dubbing, then i tried yarn on the next set, the black and red chironomid and the red butt do not look all that bad but then again, and that is my first attempts at the a Pheasant Tail Nymph. I did some woolly buggers still trying to get the pictures to export, anyway hints or ideas on them ,
  7. Great thanks, I still on the wolly buggers and chironomids but going to try some drys, rock worms were done with dubbing but i just could not get it right but i found some dubbing wax and and will try running some dubbing patterns again. the hackle for the wolly buggers is what has me a little confused but read an article on here and it is a little clearer now, thanks to all that have help great spot for us newbs
  8. Okay I just attended the Castlegar fly tying symposium and it was great was a little shy to step into the room that had the tying demonstrations but did sit and talk to a few of the Tyers on hand. Thanks to Rod from castlegar fly store and the gentleman at the store were very very helpful. Anyway, patterns call for this maribou ( strung, blodquil etc) that feather ( hens neck, roster back hackle grizzly hackle etc ) and dubbing from animals i never even heard of etc, my question is are all of the patterns hard and fast to the type of ingredient needed?? I understand imagination on chironomids is okay but some of the recipe ingredients has left me running in circles scratching my head. I have been trying to find some of the hackles used or the maribou or the flashabou etc but being in a smaller town that leaves most out or at least harder to find. I have been walking gathering up wild turkey feathers and some dove and other bird feathers to help off set the cost but not sure i can even use them. I was told to spay a lacquer on the turkey feather for use in wings not sure what kind to get but can wait on that one, anyway any tips again will be more then appreciated. thanks again
  9. Thank you everyone, will look at the patterns in the data base. I just retired here to creston and don't drink so the brewery is not any good for me but them Skimmerhorns are amazing. Will check out Fernie next pass through. Thanks all, now to go to the database.
  10. Good afternoon, I am a beginner at tying fly's, living in the creston area of BC. I am wondering if there is a list of the patterns that would be good for this area? I have been practicing on rock worms and then wooly buggers in a green marabou pattern. The buggers do not look half bad. So now i started on the Black and red chironomid and they look good. one other question, the hackle for the buggers does it HAVE to match the color of the maribou/chanille colors that I am not sure about. I have been looking for some colored hackle but can not find any as of yet. I have just been using the grizzly hackle that i have with the beginner tying kit from Cabela's. Hints or tips on this is greatly appreciated thanks in advance. Mark the noob
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