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  1. Do not waste your time wrapping the lead around the shank of the hook for a schminnow. Unless you are fishing literally 6 to 8 feet of water and are trying to fish off the bottom.
  2. Thanks everyone! I really apprecaite the tying compliments and welcomes. and as far as other fish in the canals, there is nothing but Gar and Tarpon, the water in too stagnant for eveything else.
  3. Yep, just walking up and down the road casting when I see a roll.
  4. Thanks! I am catching them is those flood control canals off the side of the road as well as completely land locked ponds 1/2 a mile from any saltwater. You just have to do some searching but most (definitley not all) of the canals and ponds from Daytona to Sebaysten inlet have mico Tarpon in them.
  5. I went out to Titusville the other day and found the baby Tarpon to be abnormally active. This was one of four that day on my confidence fly, my version of the black and purple EP baitfish fly.
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