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  1. It takes less than a min to reply to an e-mail to give a status.
  2. No problems with them. I just bought even more from the fly tying show in Jan.
  3. Yes. My Wife's uncle lived on Hermosa creek. At that time I was a newbie into fly fishing and I could not catch with my flyrod. I did however catch a couple of rainbows with my spinning rod. I would love to go back for a rematch with my flyrod.
  4. That river is gorgeous. I took the Durango to Silverton train while I was out there on my honeymoon. The train follows the river most of the way. No I did not get to fish it. I only got to fish Hermosa creek in Durango.
  5. Allen was selling 25pack of hooks for $2 at the show. I grabbed 6 packs to try them out.
  6. Got mine. A small description of what they are would have helped. I see a hook I like and may buy some from them at the Fly fishing show this weekend.
  7. I use a sage VPS 9 ft 8wt for my LMB rod. I can toss a big bass bug or popper with ease.
  8. Do you ever tie this in different colors?
  9. Thanks I ordered some. They may get a new customer.
  10. Another one that belongs in a frame. Nice tie!
  11. Not one item left from X-mas in mine. Place is totally ready for V-Day.
  12. Interesting. Like a combo of two styles. Have you ever fished this fly?
  13. You are ready for anything. I'm going to move to this type of setup this winter.
  14. Another reason for lower numbers of people showing up is Youtube. Why travel and pay admission to watch a person who has all his how to videos on the net? The younger crowd does everything via their phones these days. I hope this show continues.
  15. I talked with Pat Cohen about his Hellgrimite patterns and bought some of the bodies he had for sale.
  16. I did find some deals on tying supplies. The guys who were selling all the Down-n-Trouts old stuff were willing to deal to move that stuff.
  17. I was there all Saturday. I could not believe how empty it was. Lack of vendors has hurt this show. It lost 2 aisles from last year. Show promoter has to lower the booth rates and make it worthwhile for shops to bring their wares. I learned some new tricks and found some deals.
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