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  1. I used the dryer sheet last night with some fabric fusion. Came out pretty cool.
  2. brown napkin (From a fast food restaurant) coated with head cement, ......creative idea
  3. I'm making some hoppers and want to add a wing. It there any good substitute for this stuff that I may have around the house?
  4. I the flyfishing stuff I inherited 30 years ago there were some Herters catalogs. I wonder if they are worth anything. What year did they close?
  5. Although I lurk here a lot and don't post much, I'm glad I asked this question. It save a couple of us from buying it.
  6. Pre made popper Bodies. Getting ready for LMB season.
  7. Thanks! Thats the type of info I was looking for.
  8. I saw a pattern in a magazine that listed UV Chewee Skin as a material. I don't have access to UV Chewee skin but have lot of Bodi-stretch material in my supplies. Can anyone tell me the difference between the two?
  9. Mickey Finn and Muddler Minnow.
  10. I carry both but its beadheads 90% of the time.
  11. I carry 4 boxes. 1. Dry fly- hoppers..etc 2. Streamers 3. Nymphs 4. Nymphs I tie about 6-7 of each type in various sizes.
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