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  1. Never used mine with waders, they are my true size, but I guess that if the boot is big enough you can make it work. When I used stocking foot waders during winters many years ago I had oversized Hodgman felt sole boots to go with them.
  2. I have something like this: https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/world-wide-sportsman-flats-boots-for-men but mine are an older model and have a better, stiffer sole if I have to judge by the picture. A number of brands have variations on these. Generally look for “flats wading” boots. No cleats or felt on these though...
  3. Here you go. The one on the right.
  4. Anyone else thinks that fishing for Barramundi in Florida ain’t right? Then again, we do farm salmon south of Miami, so...
  5. I have tied a couple of game changers on my regular jaws that ended up being more worm than baitfish. The vise was most definitely not my biggest problem.
  6. You are on a roll! Just recently I saw a guy in YouTube wrap a handle like yours, but with twisted wire. after filling voids with tinted resin and sanding smooth, the effect looked fantastic.
  7. Call me weird but I prefer to rock the wire back and forth rather that in a circular motion. Like Kimba said, if the wire is well anchored, it is all it takes.
  8. I would add nymph imitations. Here are some from the archive...
  9. You did a good job, though... For eyes over synthetic fibers like EP, Congo, etc,... I like thicker glues like Liquid Fusion. Even gel superglue works better than the thinner regular superglue.
  10. A couple or three deceivers for bass
  11. Late to this party, but here is my 2 cents... If you are mostly shore bound, and you are going to go after exotics, tie some oversized good ole pheasant tail and damsel nymphs. You might be surprised by good bass falling for those as well. I would also add some yellow gurglers to that, and some baby bass clousers to round up the freshwater selection. I am pretty rusty on the saltwater stuff, and I am on the other coast, but what UTyer said worked well for me in the past. I would only add some pink to the mix. Make sure to let us know how it goes!
  12. Ask your guide what he suggests you should tie for the place and time of year.
  13. I have been through a couple of mild ones, and the first time it is the weirdest feeling. You loose your balance, as if you are dizzy, and then it all goes away just like that. You start wondering what is wrong with you, just to find out later on the news that it was not you, but everything else that was actually moving.
  14. They grow up... Leave the nest... 😊
  15. That is a great idea. Super useful, it seems. Sell them in packs. I doubt people are going to want just one.
  16. Amazing how much stuff is out there, a lot of it free. One note about sharing these locations and taking/uploading pictures... if it matters to you... consider that you may be giving away your honey holes.
  17. What is most fascinating to me is to think how spoiled we are in that people have been tying flies for centuries without any real precision tools, and here we are, owning four or five modern hackle pliers each, which apparently do not make anyone 100% happy. We are one funny bunch...😁
  18. I promise... No dromedary hair in the dromedary camel fly...😊
  19. My new shop Contrary to popular belief, brain does grow back after surgical removal.
  20. I normally keep up with posts using the “unread content” feature, which shows me the latest post, or part of it, for any given discussion right under the name of the thread. When threads get derailed, that can make for interesting matchups. He is an example: First tying night, what to do? 12 Guns stolen in 1970 Has anyone else noticed any of these interesting topics/replies pairs?
  21. Thanks for the pics. It makes sense that these work better than any of mine. Much more surface area to hold on to more hackle, and that is before we get into the non-slip surface. I wonder if they close the jaws and run them on some emery paper to get matched gripping inside surfaces.
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