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  1. To be clear, I used the word acceptable in quotes, knowing that it was probably not the best word, just the one that came out at the moment. There is no real line but the one we set for ourselves, and even that one I am sure is flexible. I use dumbells. The difference to me is that dumbells are multitaskers. You can use them just for weight alone or they can double as eyes, but that involves paint and epoxy. I don't buy prepainted dumbells. Skullz are heads and heads only. Don't know of a fly that uses skullz in any other way. I feel the same way about cone heads, but that is just me. Bottom line is that fly fishing for me is finesse top water kind of fishing. If I have to go real deep, real fast, real loud, etc. I go to a different kind of tackle. In a way, I guess I am saying that I am a lousy, monodimensional fly fisherman, so don't look at me to be the authority on what is acceptable...
  2. 6 Years old and already telling fishing stories. This kid is going places...! My pet peeve is when I am fishing on the beach, chasing and casting around baitfish in the trough and some shmuck comes out of the inlet, does a 180 and motors right in front of me to throw his castnet so that he can get his bait and proceed to go offshore. Listen to me, cheap bastard, leave me alone! If you can afford the gas to go offshore in your 24ft center console, you can afford some freaking bait!!! OK. I feel better now...
  3. Not a purist by any means, and I sure don't want to sound like an old foggy here, but to me fish skulls and the like are just beyond the line of what I find "acceptable" materials to use in my tying. Nothing against the concept. But to me the fun is in imitating something with materials that do not already look like it, and in doing a close enough job that will fool a fish. Just my $0.02
  4. Thanks for the comments. The "need" for shapes other than strips comes from seeing the nice cutters from River Road Creations. Just trying to achieve something similar for free.
  5. Bimini15


    The PVC pipe serves many purposes: Rod holder or holder extensions. You can rout it to acomodate fly rods and creatively use some bungee or velcro to secure them. Stake pole. If I fish real shallow, I like this better than an anchor. PVC pipe kayak cart. Just type that in Google and you will see tons of variations. I also use PVC pipe as a push pole, but that is in the canoe. Can't stand up in my kayak. That is just what works for me. You can find many other uses for PVC in kayak fishing if you go online.
  6. Well ... we have three cats. One of them is NEVER active. The most she'll do is swat at one of the other two. One is NEVER lying around, it seems. Well, she does sleep, but when she's not sleeping, she running around like her tail's on fire. There's no in between those two extremes. The third one would prefer to be lying around, but the "energizer cat" attacks him every chance she gets and he'll chase and fight with her if he can't avoid her. I tried that whole, "Fish like the cat plays ... slow, hidden, fast ... what ever triggers your cat to play, will also make the bass hit. Baaaaaaaaaalooooooooooooneeeeeeeeeey!!! As for our 12 bird feeders ... there are always birds there. Always. And many a day I've not caught a thing (like last Sunday) and then come home to empty bird feeders I had to put seed in. Sorry ... Ol' Wife's Tales don't give me any "warm-n-fuzzies" about my fishing futures. Mike, you are in Florida. Usual rules do not apply. It is so hot by now that both cats and birds can be found sleeping under the shade of the same tree...
  7. Bimini15


    Perception Pescador 12 looks pretty good for around $500 new. Just remember that there are other mandatory expenses associated: PFD, paddle, comfy seat, PVC pipe, flowers for the Mrs...
  8. Bimini15


    I would suggest going with a tried and true fishing model. Do your research, as there are lots of designs for different kinds of fishing. Then check Craigslist for something that fits your budget. Save yourself some money by listening to the old hands in here. You really don't need half the crap you will see in some kayak pictures on the web, and what you really need you can DIY for cheap. A couple or rod holders, a milk crate and a cleat for an anchor/sock go a loooong way. And, of course, make your own cart out of PVC.
  9. I think the smell mostly disappears as it dries. Whatever may be left does not seem to bother the fishies.
  10. I was elated this week when a peacock jumped on my dragonfly concoction. First ever and no idea we had any in our neighborhood lake, so imagine the surprise. So, my question... How far north in FL have you actually caught a peacock? Mine was just north of Hypoluxo Road in Lake Worth.
  11. I don't think tying will go away. The price of flies also goes up, so it will be still be cheaper to tie your own. I don't think we generally tie to save money anyway, but because of the enjoyment. And as long as you enjoy it, you will find a way to keep the hobby within budget. UV resins are pricey, but we will always have Hard as Nails. I do think that the challenge for future tiers will be to figure out what they truly need to get started, rather than a bill of goods, but that's what the internet is for. Many of you were not so lucky when you started, so do not feel bad for them. Just try to help when they ask.
  12. Can't even cut with scissors... How do you suppose I would have thought of that? It sounds like a good idea. I have not tried, but I will.
  13. I agree that it will catch fish as it is, but if you must... If you follow the needle method you can put the hook down the body cavity as far as you want and out the bottom piece of foam, sort of the way you would rig a plastic worm. Then tie the wing and everything else. It should not curl up.
  14. I admit it. I can't cut freehand symmetrical hopper bodies for the life of me. And I am not so good at drawing on the foam either... So I figured that I can use a paper clip to mark the foam long enough to cut a nice hopper body shape. Picture below is self explanatory. Different size paperclip for different size bodies. And, why not?... Differently formed paperclips can be used for dragonflies, crease flies, etc...
  15. I have been haunted by the tune in, I believe, Arctic Silver, the one with the humming and whistleing, since I heard it for the first time in the WFN promo. Does anyone know who it is or where to find it? Thanks, J
  16. Hello, Took to fly fishing and tying at once about ten years ago, but I have taken breaks along the way. Self taught but never as dedicated as I imagine many of you to be. Amazed at the work that I have seen in some posts. You have me wanting to tie steelhead streamers... and I am in Southeast Florida! Looking forward to getting new ideas from you all. Thanks, Bimini15
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